• Ed Novak
Assistant Professor of Computer Science



Office: Stager Room 231

Ed Novak

Ed Novak is a an assistant professor of computer science here at Franklin and Marshall College.  He regularly teaches core computer science courses in addition to Mobile Application Developement and Operating Systems.

Classes Fall 2019

CPS 112  - Computational Thinking with Data Structures and Algorithms

CPS 370 - Operating Systems


If you would like to meet with me outside of these times to get help with class, ask about research, or just to talk about computer science in general, please stop by my office anytime!  You can also always email me so we can set up a specific time to meet.


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My research currently focuses on software updates on the Google Play app store.  I wrote an app to help study other apps!  It records information about when applications on your device are installed, uninstalled, or updated. Please install it to help us gather data and contribute to this research project!




The research is focused on application updates issues such as:

  • Which apps users update more quickly.
  • The rate of app update adoption through the play store.
  • Predicting the time of the next app update.
  • Security and vulnerability concerns of rapid updates. If you are interested please feel free to ask questions!


App update information is sent to F&M but it is stored under a fake name. When you install this app you will be contributing to ongoing academic research. This application is free and open source software distributed under the GPL v3.0 software license. https://github.com/fmresearchnovak/updatetimingcollector