Course Offerings


"Entrepreneurial Thinking"

Schedule: Fall

Entrepreneurial thinking is a mindset that values ingenuity, the drive to find and create meaningful solutions to problems, and the willingness to learn from both success and failure equally. In that light, the main learning objectives of this course are: 1) to internalize the entrepreneurial mindset and be able to apply it on multiple dimensions of students' personal, academic, and professional lives; and 2) to acquire the tools necessary to evaluate and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities in any field. The course will introduce and follow the hypothesis-driven attitude towards entrepreneurship called “The Lean Startup", and will make use of visitors (in-person or virtually) and experiential learning to illustrate real-life applications of the theory, techniques, and assignments in the syllabus..


"Entrepreneurial Discovery"

Schedule: Spring

Entrepreneurial Discovery is an experiential learning course in which students will create, define, and explore a startup concept through hypothesis-driven, real-world experimentation. All concepts from for profit, to not for profit, and social impact ventures can be developed, and students are not required to come up with an idea before joining the class. The learning objectives are for the students to (1) acquire the skill set necessary to design, test, and learn from real-world startup experiments and (2) develop entrepreneurial decision-making habits by interpreting the experimentation results and weighing them against potential pivots. The course will follow Customer Discovery methodologies and will leverage various entrepreneurship tools to complement classroom instruction, including visitors, co-instructors, or practitioners

Summer Entrepreneruship Experience (SEE)

Do you want to pursue a startup career but don't know how to get real world experience on your resume?

This summer, we're launching SEE to allow you to start doing just that, while getting both work experience and credit for it!

You'll be matched with sponsoring startups, entrepreneurs, and other organizations looking to innovate or disrupt the status quo across different industries. You will carry out strategic tasks for their sponsoring organization while learning and applying best practice entrepreneurial techniques. Compensation will be ~$4,000 per student.

See the internship posting on Handshake here. (Job #6202966)

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