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Associate Professor of Environmental Studies



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Contact Info: ebratman@fandm.edu, 717-358-6303 (office), @IttyGritty, Kaufman 10 


Centrally, Dr. Bratman's research is concerned with how sustainable development is envisioned and carried out through politics. Her book is Governing the Rainforest: Sustainable Development Politics in the Brazilian Amazon. It is based on over ten years of research concerning the links between development policies, infrastructure, conservation, and human rights in the eastern Amazon, based in the state of Pará.

Dr. Bratman's next major research project, "Honey and Influence: The Bee in Global Environmental Politics" interrogates different approaches to pollinator protection and offers analysis into broader social and ethical changes necessary for human flourishing in the epoch of man-made climate change. As a globally-dispersed species integral to agricultural productivity, bees are natural boundary-crossers, and they offer a keyhole view into broader and trans-disciplinary questions of socio-environmental politics. 

Professor Bratman holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from American University's School of International Service, and a BA with highest honors from Oberlin College. She was a Fulbright Scholar in Brazil in 2007.  Prior to arriving at F&M, she taught at American University's School of International Service. At AU, she  was "Green Teacher of the Year" in 2016 for founding and supporting campus bee-keeping, among other sustainability initiatives in the classroom and beyond. 

Selected Publications

Bratman, Eve Z. (2019). Governing the Rainforest (New York: Oxford University Press).

Ranganathan, M. and Bratman, E. (2019).  "From Urban Resilience to Abolitionist Climate Justice in Washington, DC." Antipode

Bratman, Eve (2019).  " Sustainable Development Reconsidered: The Left Turn's  Legacies in the Amazon." Chapter 11 in Legacies of the Left Turn in Latin America: The Promise of Inclusive Citizenship, edited by  Manuel Balán and Françoise Montambeault. (Notre Dame: Notre Dame University Press) pp. 280-317.

Bratman, E. and Dias, Cristiane B. 2018. “Development Blind Spots in Environmental Impact Assessment: Tensions between Policy, Law and Practice in Brazil's Xingu River Basin.” Environmental Impact Assessment Review 2018. 70: 1-10. 

Bratman, E. Brunette, K., Shelly, D. C., Nicholson, S. 2016. “Justice is the Goal: Divestment as Climate Change Resistance” Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences.  () 1-14. DOI 10.1007/s13412-016-0377-6.

Bratman, Eve. (2015) “Passive Revolution in the Green Economy: Activism and the Belo Monte Dam.” International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law, and Economics 15:1 (March 2015), 61-77.

Bratman, E. ( 2015). “Brazil, the Green Economy and Challenging Environmental Norms in Global Governance.” in Matthew Taylor and Oliver Steunkel, eds., Brazil and the Liberal Order, (New York: Palgrave MacMillan).

Bratman, Eve. (2014). “Contradictions of Green Development: Human Rights and Environmental Norms in Light of Belo Monte Dam Activism.” Journal of Latin American Studies 46: 2 (May 2014), 261-289.

Bratman, Eve. (2011). “Development’s Paradox: Is Washington DC a Third World City?” Third World Quarterly, 32: 9 (November 2011), 1541-1556.

Bratman, Eve. (2011).  “Villains, Victims, and Conservationists? Representational Frameworks and Sustainable Development on the Transamazon Highway.” Human Ecology, 39:4 (August 2011), 441-453.

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