F&M Works in Lancaster

F&M Works in Lancaster is a year-long internship opportunity for students who are passionate about making a positive impact in the local community. Interns learn valuable work skills, explore potential career paths and gain access to a network of dedicated community professionals that truly value the opportunity to work with and mentor F&M students. 



Contact the Ware Institute at 717-358-4164.

What Interns Do

Students are carefully matched to an organization requesting an intern according to their career interests.  Interns are paid by the College to work 10 hours each week at nonprofit organizations, providing the organizations with much-needed additional staffing that helps build capacity and support programming. In addition, interns attend professional development workshops, networking dinners, and reflection sessions.


Rana Sinangil '18,  Social Media & Marketing Intern for the Squash ACES Program during this year's Extraordinary Give! 


Meet Felipe Storch de Oliveira '16, Courtney Rinden '16, and Kofi Alorzuke '16. Kofi and Felipe are Market Research/Monitoring & Evaluation Interns, while Courtney is the Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network's Communications Intern. These three students are committed to community and embody how much F&M loves Lancaster.


What  It's Like To Be an F&M Works Intern

Story 4/18/2016

Emma Woodcock '16 F&M Works at Washington Elementary School

My name is Emma Woodcock and I am a senior government major at F&M. This school year I have had the opportunity to serve as the community school intern at Washington Elementary school. This...

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Story 11/25/2015

Misha Rodriguez '17, F&M Works Intern

What do you do at the Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership? LHOP is an organization with the mission to increase the availability of affordable, quality and fair housing throughout Lancaster...

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Story 2/26/2015

Mark Rooney, F&M Works Intern

“One thing I’ve really enjoyed from my internship experience is being able to become invested in the Lancaster community.  Lancaster is a beautiful, thriving community with a lot to offer, and being...

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