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Inclement weather situations affect the entire college community, especially Facilities & Operations.  We have implemented a snow removal plan to create a more efficient operation for all departments involved in the process.

The Grounds crew is the backbone of the operation and is directly affected by the snow event.  It is their responsibility to ensure the campus sidewalks, roadways, parking lots, fire escapes and steps are cleared of snow and ice.  During a winter snow event, their focus is directed entirely toward removal of snow and ice.  It takes the assistance of other F&O personnel, as well as additional departments across campus, to make the snow removal process run smoothly and efficiently.

During regular working hours, the Grounds Manager or Supervisor will initiate the plan.  In the case of a storm during non-working hours, the Manager or Supervisor will coordinate with personnel a predetermined time of arrival to campus or personnel will be contact at home to report to campus.  This decision will depend on current weather conditions, forecasted conditions, and time of day to ensure an effective approach for each snow event.  The Manager or Supervisor will keep in contact with the AVP of Facilities Management and the Assistant Director, Operations to keep them informed of current and possible changing conditions.


While it is important to remove snow and ice from the entire campus, there are priority areas that must be given special attention.  Priorities for this plan have been developed based on the institutional and operational needs of the campus.

Priority 1: Access through campus for emergency vehicles throughout the storm.
  • Public Safety Office
  • Old Main Driveway
  • Williamson Parking Lot
  • Roadway behind Ben Franklin Residence Halls
  • Roadway around Hartman Green
  • Marshall Gate Driveway
Priority 2: Entranceways to high profile areas.
  • Steinman College Center
  • Appel Health
  • Wohlsen Admission House
  • Distler House
  • Shadek-Fackenthal Library
  • Martin Science Library
  • The President’s House
  • Mayser Physical Education Center
Priority 3: Building Entrances
  • Residence halls
  • Administrative buildings
  • Academic buildings
  • Support areas
Priority 4:  Parking Lots and Sidewalks

Essential personnel during a snowstorm emergency include all Facilities & Operations trades that have designated areas, unless informed otherwise.  The Grounds crew and Maintenance Mechanic are an essential part of this operation.  Depending on current and forecasted conditions, or the closing of the College, other departmental personnel may be required to be essential.  It is the responsibility of the Grounds crew to ensure these priorities are met through the operation of equipment.  The Maintenance Mechanic is pivotal to ensure all equipment is online and operational.




The following equipment is a summary of areas for each of the pieces of snow removal equipment in the case of snowy weather.  The Grounds crew is responsible for the operation of the equipment, although in certain situations (i.e. heavy accumulations, absenteeism, etc.) other personnel may be required to fill in as needed.  A full Grounds crew will also have people available for hand shoveling duties.  Each piece of equipment has its own set of responsibilities and routes of travel. With the completion of the list, each operator is responsible to assist in hand shoveling that still need to be finished.

Small plows (sidewalks and entrances)
  • 2 Walker tractors
  • 1 Hustler tractor
  • 1 John Deere tractor

Depending on the amount of snow, the John Deere tractor can be equipped with a snow blower. 

Truck Plows (smaller parking lots and driveways)
  • Dodge Pickup
  • GMC Pickup
  • Ford F-250
Larger Equipment (Parking lots and Large snow accumulations)
  • Ford F-350 Dump Truck
  • Kubota front-end loader

We also have eight (8) walk behind snow blowers that can be used to assist the hand shoveling crews. 

The College has contracted with a local excavating service for the use of heavy construction equipment in the event of a major snowstorm.  The cleaning of snow and ice from the College Square building sidewalks and parking lots, the 600 & 700 blocks of College Avenue and the walks, parking lots and roadways on the North Campus property (formerly Armstrong) is performed by an outside contractor, freeing up the Grounds crew to concentrate on the main campus. 

Hand Shoveling:

This is the most important aspect of the snow removal plan.  Our equipment cannot get to all area of the campus.  Each crew has a list detailing the areas that they are responsible for clearing snow.  At an entrance where there are no steps, snow should be cleared at least four feet from the doorway to allow easier access with a piece of equipment.  At an entrance with steps, a path should be cleared from the door to the steps and a four-foot wide space in front of the steps. At buildings where the sidewalks are not reachable by equipment, they must be cleared completely by hand.  Ice melt is available when needed.

Remember, this is just a guideline and may only work if all conditions are favorable.  Certain unforeseen events can alter this plan.