Student Storage

Franklin & Marshall College does not offer on-campus storage for students (short or long term).  The College partners with Groff's Moving and Storage to provide safe, convenient, and economical storage options for students.

Groff's Short & Long-term Student Storage

This approved storage program has been set up to meet the storage needs of Franklin and Marshall students. There is no limit to the quantity of items to be stored.  Perishable items will not be accepted. Students are NOT PERMITTED to store items in College owned buildings.


It is strongly suggested that you use standardized packing cartons that will be available for sale in April. These cartons are uniform in size and are best suited for packing items to be stored. The storage cost is less expensive than with non-standard cartons.

Carton sizes:

  • 1.5 cubic foot, small cartons (for books and papers)
  • 3.1 cubic foot, med. Cartons (for small computer monitors or pots and pans)
  • 4.5 cubic foot, large cartons (for clothing, sheets or lighter items)


More details about pricing and pick up/drop off dates can be found on the College Housing page.


Department Storage

As the Franklin & Marshall  College campus has grown, the amount of on-campus storage has decreased.  In the past, departments could store items indefinitely in the College warehouses.  At this time, our space is decreasing again.  Facilities & Operations is only able to offer storage to departments on a short term basis - 1 to 3 months.  At then end of that time, the department must take back the items in storage or they will be disposed of.

In order to aid in the storage shortage on campus, the College has contracted with Burle Industries for off-site storage.  Under this contract, campus departments can rent short and long term space from Burle for a reduced square foot fee.