DIY Space Modifications

While we seek to help students and professional staff find a way to create a sense of home in their residential space and offices, we require faculty, staff and studentd limit that to decorations and  belongings that will not damage the facility. 


All painting on campus must be approved by Facilities and Operations and completed by the in-house painter or approved contractor.  At no point is an individual authorized to painttheir own room or office, nor bring in their own contractor.  In an effort to keep our interior spaces looking good, we use standard pallat of neutral colors.  These standard colors are best for touching up blemishes and keeping a coherence to our spaces.   We encourage faculty, staff, and students to use art work and photos to enhance their space.


In hanging fixtures and other ornaments care must be taken so that painted surfaces are not damaged and smoke detectors are not covered.

Painter’s tape, Command strips/hooks, and poster putty are the recommended means for affixing items to walls. At no time should nails, screws, duct tape, masking tape, or glue/epoxy be used on any surfaces or furniture.


All carpet installation must be approved by Facilities and Operations.  At no point is an individual authorized to remove and install new carpet into their own room or office, nor bring in their own contractor.  Faculty, staff, and students may bring area rugs to campus as long as they are newly purchased due to precautions regarding bed begs.  Please see Personal Upholstered Furniture and Rugs Guidelines below.

Personal Upholstered Furniture & Rugs on Campus


Each residence hall room and faculty/staff office is  supplied with furniture.  

Students: This includesa bed, mattress, dresser, desk and chair. Furniture quantity may not match the  occupancy, even so, all College owned furniture, whether one or two sets, must stay in the room. College-provided furniture may NOT be removed from a student’s bedroom for any reason, including but not limited to bedframes, mattresses, dressers, bookcases, chairs, desks and wardrobes. Room furniture may not be placed in a dormitory hallway at any time; it will be removed, and the student to whom it was assigned will be fined. 


For significant health and safety reasons, students are prohibited from bringing certain used, or second-hand, furniture and rugs onto the Franklin & Marshall College campus. Prohibited items include used or second hand:

  • Upholstered chairs and sofas
  • Futons
  •  Bean-bag chairs
  • Area Rugs
  •  Any other furniture containing cushions or stuffing.


Used furniture includes any non-new items such as, but not limited to that brought from home, given to students by relatives, purchased from a second-hand or thrift store, or found on a street corner.