Structural vs. Mechanical 

The Facilities & Operations Maintenance Services is comprised of two areas of expertiese - Structural Trades and Mechanical Trades.  Structure Trades are Carpenters, Locksmiths, and Painters.  Mechanical Trades are HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Services.  Many of the trades crew have dedicated most of their working career to Franklin and Marshall College.  Over 10 tradesman have over 20+ years on our team!

Trades Crews

Structural Trades:             Carpentry, Locks & Paint

  • Scott Taylor - Carpenter Lead
  • Eric Piper - Carpenter 
  • Brian Chehi - Carpenter 
  • James  Vassallo - Carpenter
  • Eric Shaub - Painter 
  • Craig Hunt - Locksmith  

Mechanical Trade: Electricians

  • Patrick Henry  - Electrical Lead 
  • Sidney Hoffman 
  • George Garrett
  • Ben Reisinger


Mechanical Trade: Plumbing

  • Charles Adams

Mechanical Trade: HVAC 

  • Alex Geiger 
  • Brian Hartranft
  • David Bair

Mechanical Trade: Garage Mechanic

  • Doug Landis
In-House Projects 

The  Facilities and Operations team has an amazing amount of experience across all trades.  Over the past few years, our talented crew has taken on some campus projects that normally would have been awarded to local contractors.  Not only does it showcase the talent of our crew, but it saves the college money!  These are a few of our most recent in-house projects.

  • LSP Office Renovations
  • Stager Classrooms
  • Hackman Classrooms
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