Our Mission

The Faculty Center at Franklin & Marshall College focuses on faculty development and is specifically dedicated to offering pedagogical and scholarly support as well as building community through informal interaction. 


Programs & Services 

At the Faculty Center, we strive to be the first line of support for our F&M faculty, through our own program offerings, through the resources available on our internal Faculty Center website, and by connecting faculty to the appropriate resources available on campus to address a specific need.    How can we help? 


F&M faculty participate in a Faculty Center workshop session.

From pedagogy to grant seeking, from time management to advising,  from service to leadership, we offer a variety of workshops and events each month designed to keep faculty informed.  Partnerships with other campus offices further add to our array of program options. See our calendar for event descriptions and dates. 


Faculty gather for a working lunch discussion.
 New Faculty Orientation

The Faculty Center works collaboratively with offices across campus to provide group and individual support for our new faculty colleagues on topics relating to pedagogy, scholarship and being a part of the F&M community, as well as the general higher education field.  Our New Faculty Orientation programs are open to all faculty new to our campus during their first year, and those in tenure track positions participate in additional activities throughout the years moving towards tenure review. 

A small  faculty discussion group uses the conference table space in the Faculty Center.
 Small Groups

Writing circles, reading groups, and other faculty working groups have all found the Faculty Center to be an effective space for collaboration.  F&M faculty members are encouraged to contact us to reserve time in the Faculty Center and take full advantage of all the resources and amenities we have to offer!



 Need additional information?

    Contact: facultycenter@fandm.edu 

Our Faculty Center Director is available for private consultations.  We provide a confidential,  non-evaluative setting to discuss common faculty issues, including: mid-semester course reviews, syllabus design, work-life balance, department chair concerns and maintaining scholarship. 



The Faculty Center offers financial support to F&M faculty members for innovative work at the class, course and curricular levels.  We also support collaborative projects important to faculty on our campus; recent examples include addressing mid-career faculty issues, equity in STEM disciplines, social justice and power dynamics in the curriculum . Information on these award opportunities can be found on our internal Faculty Center Resources website.**Access limited to F&M account holders.** 


Faculty Center Resources 

  • Faculty Center Library

The Faculty Center houses a variety of resources for faculty, including a small library of volumes specifically selected on pedagogy and faculty life.  To learn more about these resources, and to see additional details about our programs and services, please visit our internal Faculty Center Resources website.  **Note that you will need to be logged in to your F&M account to access many of the resources linked on these pages. ** 

About the Faculty Center

The Faculty Center is the long awaited, and highly anticipated, culmination of a faculty-driven initiative.  Learn more about the history of our dedicated faculty space, from concept to funding to construction.  

Faculty Center​ 

News and Events 

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