AVD Curricular  Development and Innovation Grants 

The goals of AVD grants are broadly defined to support faculty working alone or in a small group to examine, analyze, modify, investigate, develop or innovate around curricular issues. This iteration is intentionally open-ended to allow individuals, departments and programs to address needs that have emerged or are emerging. Read the full call for proposals below.

Are you looking for a reason to collaborate with colleagues?

Do you have ideas for integration of content across several courses?

Would you like to work with others on an issue that cuts across course boundaries?

Is your department or program ready to examine its offerings in total?

Is there a national workshop you’d like to attend on curriculum?


Members of the Faculty Center Advisory Board and the Director of the Faculty Center will evaluate proposals for clarity of purpose, feasibility, potential for impact on students and the overall curriculum, and evidence that the project contributes to the professional development of the faculty member(s).


Awardees are expected to spend up to 100 hours on the project and are encouraged to be in discussion with the Faculty Center and/or other experts, as appropriate. A debriefing meeting with the Director of the Faculty Center will be included in the total hour count. A one-two page report is expected at the conclusion of the project. Any documents produced as a result of the project (e.g. syllabi, handouts, slide presentations, etc.) should be included as part of the final report.  Awardees will also be expected to present their process and/or outcomes to other faculty as part of an event at the Faculty Center.

Past AVD Awards 

2016 - 2017 Project Titles and Awardees

  • Connecting Science and Humanities:  Animals through the Ages
    • ​Elizabeth Lonsdorf  (BIO)

    • ​​ Gretchen Meyers (CLS)

  • Re-Examining the Language Studies Requirement Course Sequence in Italian
    • Giovanna Faleschini Lerner (ITA)

    • Arianna Fognani (ITA)

    • Maya Greenshpan (ITA)

    • Chelsea Pomponio (ITA)

  • Rethinking the Pedagogy of Introduction to  Philosophy
    • Lee Franklin (PHI)

    • Nick Kroll (PHI)

    • David Merli (PHI)

2015-2016  Project Titles and Awardees

  • Curricular Models of Academic Citizenship
    • Amy Lytle (PHY)
    • Maria Mitchell (HIS)
    • Jeremy Moss (TDF)
    • Jon Stone (GER/RUS)
  • Undergraduate Research in Economics
    • Yeva Nersisyan (ECO)
  • Inquiry and Analysis in the Music Curriculum
    • Sylvia Alajai
    • Matthew Butterfield
    • John Carbon
    • Karen Leistra-Jones
  • Enriching Connections Between Majors – BOS & WGSS
    • Alison Kibler
    • Cynthia Krom
    • Jorida Papakroni
    • Jeff Podoshen

2014 - 2015 Project Titles and Awardees

  • Developing Critical Pedagogies for Heritage Learners of Spanish at F&M
    • Kathrin Theumer (SPA)
    • Maria Elena Aldea Agudo (SPA)
    • Jessica Cox (SPA)
    • Jialing Liu (SPA)
  • Capitalizing on Diversity to Enhance the Liberal Arts Classroom Experience
    • Alison Kibler (AMS/WGSS)
    • Meredith Bashaw (PSY)
  • New Courses in Islam in North America, CNX 2 – South Asia, and Revisions to RST 370 – Islamic Law and Ethics
    • SherAli Tareen (RST)