A Gathering Space

Daily Coffee Hours  offer faculty  a chance to relax, unwind, prepare for class, enjoy conversation with colleagues or read the Chronicle of Higher Ed while savoring a cup of tea or coffee every morning from 8:30am to 10:30am.

"This is an awesome place to get some energy in the morning and meet new people as well."
  • faculty center coffee hour snacks
"Thanks for the morning quiet time. It's a great way to transition between home and office."

A Celebration Space

Social Hours bring faculty together for informal interaction as well as to recognize collective achievements by noting new publications, grants, performances, and exhibits. 


"I really value this space. Thanks for making it available."
  • Faculty Center Event
"I look forward to the Faculty Center's continued growth."

A Faculty Space

  • Faculty Center

When not is use for scheduled activities, the Faculty Center is open and available to the F&M faculty community. Featuring a comfortable seating area, a large conference table for work space, a hot & cold beverage center, and a growing library, the Faculty Center stands ready to welcome the F&M faculty through its doors!

Please contact us to reserve time in the Faculty Center.

  • Faculty Center Seating area