Faculty Center Newsletter - Early Fall 2018

Greetings from the Faculty Center!

Welcome to the new academic year.  We hope that you are returning to campus feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to slowly ease in to the coming semester.  The Faculty Center door is open and we are ready to be a place of community as well as a source of assistance and support to your teaching and scholarly efforts throughout the coming year. Our weekly “For The Faculty…” post will feature full details and RSVP information for all our events, as well as a link to our calendar so you can see if the Center is available or in use, beyond the publicized events.  

Below are a few highlights of upcoming events on our calendar this year…

Supporting Scholarship:

  • Writing and Research Circles– We will once again be supporting faculty scholarship via Writing and Research Circles.
  • Post-Leave Research Talks – We are working on the schedule for this year’s Post- Leave Research Talk series.  Be on the lookout for a separate email with the full schedule of talks, spaced throughout the year.
  • Write-In Days - Back by popular demand are Faculty Write-In Days.  We will be hosting two designated workdays this fall, Tuesday, October 9th (Fall Break) and Tuesday, December 11th (Reading Day). 
  • Research – Look for discussions with people doing research in the Lancaster community.

Exploring Pedagogy:

  • Inclusive Pedagogies: Teaching Smarter NOT Harder! Amy Mulnix will be offering sessions to help you make the most of your efforts to reach all students.
  • Friday “Thai-day” Buffet – The Faculty Center, Instructional and Emerging Technologies, and the College Library will again be joining forces to offer a monthly buffet lunch.  In addition to delicious Thai takeout cuisine, each session will feature 3 brief presentations, highlighting quick tips/ideas/techniques to try – a buffet of ideas touching on the areas of technology, pedagogy and scholarly productivity as well as a buffet lunch.  Check our weekly emails for descriptions and dates.
  • Teaching and Technology – Kelly Miller, Instructional Technologist, will be partnering with the Faculty Center on several events this fall, beginning with the much-anticipated “Formative Assessment Showdown” that was snowed out twice in the spring!  Join us on Wednesday, September 12th, at either 10-11AM or at the repeat session from 2-3PM to learn more about these tech tools and options. An additional “Teaching and Technology” event is scheduled for Wednesday, 10/17, topic and timing will be shared in our weekly email. 
  • Small grants for course/curriculum revision/creation – Watch for the announcements for these small grant opportunities; we have about $20,000 to distribute.
  • Academic Innovation and High Impact Practice funds –The Faculty Center will continue to award small (up to $500) grants to support innovative teaching and high impact classroom practices.  Remember that awards are limited to 1 per faculty member per semester. See our website for full details. 

Fostering Community:

  • Wellness - Last year, we offered several events featuring tips to help you with the constant pull of life outside the college. This year, we will be extending those conversations to include wellness and, at the suggestion of one of our faculty members, we have planned an event on vocal health for faculty.  Ever feel like you are working hard to project your voice in the classroom? End up hoarse?  Nagging cough? Feel like you are more susceptible to sore throats than others?  Join us on Thursday, September 6th for conversation with local otolaryngologist, Dr. David Rosenfeld, and learn more about protecting your voice!  And, by popular demand, we will be adding an end-of-semester relaxation day in December.  Stay tuned.
  • Conversations with….Series – This year we kick off our series on Tuesday, September 4th with a lunchtime conversation for faculty with Dean Margaret Hazlett who will introduce new members of her office and explain the new structure of duties with the student affairs branch of the college. Later this year, we enjoy a conversation with our new President, Barbara Altmann!
  • Thinking about Retirement? – We will be hosting 2 panel discussions this year (Oct 31 and Feb 27) with several emeriti faculty who will share insights and observations about their transitions to retirement. If you are beginning to think about what life might be like after leaving the classroom, be sure to join us for these events!
  • Reading Groups – Our fall reading group selection will invite faculty to dive in to Deep Work:  Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport.  Look for a separate email announcement with more details and information about the book.  For the spring, we plan to host several DIY Reading Groups!  Do you have a text you’d love to read with colleagues?  Gather together a group of 6 (or more) interested readers, then we will work with you to order the books and set up meeting times in the Faculty Center. 

And those are just a few of the events you can look forward to this year in the Faculty Center.  We hope to see you often this year - at our events, for an individual consultation, or just a social visit. Remember, the Faculty Center is open and available for your use anytime we are not hosting a meeting or event.  Double check our calendar, then feel free to drop by as your schedule permits – and bring a colleague - for a cup of coffee or a seltzer, a snack, a chat or a quiet respite from your day!

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