Programs and Services

At the Faculty Center, we strive to be the first line of support for our F&M faculty, through our own program offerings and by connecting faculty to the appropriate resources available on campus to address a specific need.    How can we help?

Our Faculty Center Director is available for private consultations.  We provide a confidential,  non-evaluative setting to discuss common faculty issues, including: mid-semester course reviews, syllabus design, work-life balance, and maintaining scholarship. 


From pedagogy to grant seeking to time management to advising, we offer a variety of workshops and events each month designed to keep faculty informed.  Partnerships with other campus offices further add to our array of program options. See our calendar for event descriptions and dates. 

Small Groups

Writing circles, reading groups, and other faculty working groups have all found the Faculty Center to be an effective space for collaboration.  F&M faculty members are encouraged to contact us to reserve time in the Faculty Center and take full advantage of all the resources and amenities we have to offer!

New Faculty Orientation 

Human Resources - Support for New Faculty

The Human Resources Department at Franklin & Marshall is ready to help new faculty members transition to life at the college and the broader Lancaster community. Visit their website to learn about your benefits and all the resources available for you to access.

New Faculty Members HR Webpage

Faculty Center Programs 

Our newest faculty colleagues at Franklin & Marshall College, both visitors and tenure track, meet together at a day long Orientation session near the end of August before classes begin. Faculty are introduced and welcomed by our President, Provost, Associate Deans and Faculty Center staff. The event is shaped by our sense that faculty at Franklin & Marshall College have joined a distinguished profession and are now part of the Academy; the community of scholars that reaches back through history and values the life of the mind. The day's focus is to give incoming faculty a sense of the Franklin & Marshall College culture, concrete information to help them get off to a strong start in the classroom, and faces to go with names of college administrators and staff they will need or want to interact with throughout the coming year.  This event includes lunch and an afternoon social hour where faculty can get to know each other and begin to build ties as a professional cohort. 

Each month throughout the ensuing academic year new faculty meet for our Ongoing New Faculty Orientation sessions. Every session has a focus or theme that we anticipate will be relevant and timely for where faculty are in terms of issues that they are dealing with or thinking about. 

New Faculty Orientation at Franklin & Marshall College is a very important aspect of our year-long welcome to our new colleagues. Each session is thoughtfully designed to provide useful, concrete, and timely information to assist faculty in their teaching and scholarly pursuits. Throughout the year, the sessions convey a sense of what it means to be on the faculty at a liberal arts college in terms of our highest goals and loftiest ambitions, for ourselves, for our students, and for the institution.