Faculty as Teachers

                             "I am still learning."  - Michelangelo 

Teaching and learning are priorities at Franklin & Marshall, for both our students and our faculty.  The Faculty Center serves as a first resource for those faculty members seeking to learn more about the art and science of teaching. By supporting faculty as they develop as teachers,  we are creating more effective learning environments across the F&M campus community. 

Pedagogy Workshops

The Faculty Center hosts regular workshops on the latest research-based teaching practices.  

Writing Across the Curriculum

The Faculty Center is pleased to partner with the Writing Center to offer this series of workshops to help faculty from all disciplines incorporate writing into classroom instruction.  

Check our calendar to learn more about these and other upcoming events.

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Supporting Academic Innovation

At F&M, our faculty pursue and embrace innovative teaching methodologies.  The Faculty Center is pleased to offer support for those seeking to expand their classroom expertise through several initiatives: 


The Faculty Center functions as a continuing resource for F&M faculty developing new Connections 1 and Connections 2 courses. In collaboration with the Connections Committee, we offer workshops covering topics such as writing and research in Connections courses as a regular offering on our calendar of events.  Faculty are encouraged to visit the Teaching the Connections Curriculum pages of the website for additional information and resources, including full descriptions of the curricular goals and a sample syllabus for a CNX 1 and CNX 2 course.