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Will F&M continue to use the more flexible grading policies that the College embraced for spring 2020?

The Educational Policy Committee (EPC) has decided that there will be no alteration to the traditional grading system for the fall semester.

F&M is known for its rigor and high expectations. Will faculty expectations change in the hybrid model?

Our current predicament places extra burdens on us all. We will strive for a balance between flexibility and high expectations. Faculty will use the focused schedule of the module to engage in a limited number of high-impact graded activities.

How should I order my books?

Access to the textbook department of the bookstore will be limited and students must order online in advance to ensure textbooks are reserved in their name. Books for each module can be ordered separately. Online orders are encouraged to help maintain social distancing. Shipping options are available for any student who may be hesitant about conducting in person transactions. Contactless payment is available for in store transactions. 

Students can register for Bookstore emails via the website to receive pertinent information about textbooks and other details regarding Bookstore operations and promotions.

Will digital textbooks be used when possible?

Due to the current circumstances, Barnes & Noble College has continued increasing the availability of digital textbooks. Students can order and access digital content from the bookstore website without visiting the store in person.

Will F&M provide paid Zoom accounts or other learning technologies for all students in the fall?

F&M acquired a campus Zoom site license in March of 2020, just as we transitioned to remote learning. Accounts are available to students. At this time, ITS remains committed to providing a Zoom site license for all semesters where we may be supporting remote teaching and/or learning. However, when we are able to return to a fully in-person teaching and learning experience this decision will be revisited given the significant cost of the license. Google Meet remains available to all members of the F&M community and that will continue even when we return to all in-person teaching and learning.

To activate a Zoom license, go to and login with your F&M NetID and password.  If you encounter any difficulties, please contact the ITS Helpdesk by emailing or by logging in to Inside F&M and submitting a ticket. If you created a free account using your F&M email address that account will be replaced with your new F&M Zoom account as part of our site license. Upon graduation your F&M provided Zoom account will be deactivated.

F&M has acquired and continues to acquire a number of additional tools as part of our work this summer to support those taking Summer session I & II courses. A number of these will also debut in the fall. For example, we anticipate having some virtual desktop tools to allow access to specialized software on your personal computer or tablet that you might have had to access in a computer lab or the libraries on campus.


Last updated August 10