Inclusiveness and Belonging

As an institution, we are committed to inclusivity  and to facilitating the ability of all students to participate fully in all activities. We recognize that a sense of belonging is critical to student success and sustained engagement. 


See below for answers to the following questions:

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Will all courses (online and in-person) have high levels of interaction and engagement?

Yes!  F&M’s faculty are committed to this work and to building community intentionally among their class members. Whether online or in person, all our courses will deploy both high-impact interactive engagement, as well as thoughtful self-paced asynchronous activities, to the greatest educational benefit. Interactive engagement includes not only faculty-student relationships, but also student-student interaction, both of which are crucial to a high-quality educational experience. 

Faculty will also devise solutions that achieve the same learning goal, given the constraints of time, effort, and circumstances for both student and faculty members. We want all our students to get an excellent F&M education, no matter their circumstances. Some in-person activities will be streamed live to remote students; in other cases, faculty will employ alternative assignments or remote meetings. 

Will there be variety in the modes of online instruction?

To accommodate the diversity of learning styles, faculty will employ a diverse set of activities within the course rather than relying mainly on posting lecture-type videos and/or relying heavily on discussion boards. 

Will remote students be able to take part in synchronous in-person classes? How will the instructor ensure students learning remotely are included in classroom interactions?

Yes. A number of larger classrooms will allow remote participation from their students, having been updated with permanently installed cameras and microphones. ITS has also purchased mobile camera and microphone setups to facilitate smaller discussion-based instruction in some additional rooms. 


Last updated July 10