J-Term and Winter Break

[Last updated October 8] 


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What is a January term (J-term)? Do I have to take it?

The J-term is entirely optional for students, and it is included with tuition at no extra charge for students who are enrolled full-time for the fall term and / or spring term. It functions like F&M’s normal summer sessions, and as with those summer sessions, it’s possible to make accelerated progress toward your degree by taking a course during the J-term.

What are the dates of the January-term?

January-term dates and other important dates are listed on the academic calendar.

Do students have to be enrolled full-time for both fall and spring semesters or only one semester to enroll in J-term? 

Any student who enrolls full time in Fall 2020 will be eligible to enroll in a J-term course regardless of whether or not they are enrolled full time in the spring. Similarly, any student enrolled full time for Spring 2021 will be eligible to enroll in a J-term course regardless of whether or not they were enrolled full time in the fall.

Will the J-term be online-only?

Yes. J-term will be 100% online.

When can students enroll in J-term?

Registration for J-term and the spring modules is scheduled to begin in early November. Because of the shorter timeline and condensed class structure, students may only enroll in one course during the J-term. The Registration Hub contains a link (on the right side) to a projection of Course Offerings for 2020-21. The course offerings are subject to change as departments continue to work on their schedules, but a final list should be available by the end of October.

Will any students be allowed to stay on campus over winter break? When students move out for winter break, should they take all of their belongings with them?

No, students will not be allowed to stay on campus and they will need to take all their belongings with them when they leave. Learn more about winter break and housing and storage options.