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Under this plan, will annual tuition be divided into two rather than four payments?

We plan to have two main bills, as always: one for the fall semester and one for the spring semester. It is possible that a student might be present during the semester for one module yet absent for the other, for a variety of reasons. The general guideline is that if a student is only present for one of the two modules of the semester, they will be required to pay half of that semester's tuition. There are a variety of complications associated with room, board, and financial aid that we continue to work through. We will judge each case on an individual basis.

Will there be any extra cost for taking a class during J-term or are all costs already calculated into the fall and spring bill?

No. Any student who enrolls full time in Fall 2020 will be eligible to enroll in a J-term course regardless of whether or not they are enrolled full time in the spring. Similarly, any student enrolled full time for Spring 2021 will be eligible to enroll in a J-term course regardless of whether or not they were enrolled full time in the fall.

Will choosing remote learning status for the fall semester affect students’ financial aid packages?

If you do study remotely, financial aid adjustments will occur as your financial need was determined using standardized room and meal costs which would not be charged if studying remotely. The amount of the changes have not been finalized at this time. 

If F&M decides to move to all online learning at some point during the semester, will room and board be refunded?

If the College needs to close campus, we will provide refunds to eligible students living in College-owned housing for room and board, taking into account how financial aid is impacted by this reduction in costs. For students living in housing that is not College-owned (College Row, College Hill, James Street Properties, certain Greek housing), whether there will be room refunds, and if so their size, will be determined by the property owners. The appropriate College offices will determine eligibility and the amount of any refund a student should receive for meals and/or housing. Due to federal Title IV regulations, there will not be an option for using the refund as credit towards future semesters.

Will the module system affect the amount of financial aid packages?

Since billing and costs are still on a per semester basis, no. 

If a student needs to take the fall semester off, how will that affect their financial aid package?

This will be handled as it would be for any leave of absence. Please connect with the Office of Financial Aid for advice on your situation.








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