Health and Safety Overview

F&M’s approach to mitigating COVID-19 risk of infection is consistent with guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the American College Health Association (ACHA), the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and other resources. It includes pre-screening for symptoms prior to arriving back on campus; testing; daily self-screening by all members of our community after arrival; availability and use of masks and other personal protective equipment; physical distancing; cleaning protocols; comprehensive education and communication; and appropriate quarantine, isolation, and contact tracing protocols.

Physical health and mental health resources will be accessible through a combination of in-person and remote methods.

Closing Campus as Necessary

We aim to be on campus from the beginning of classes on August 26 and on-campus residence halls will close at Thanksgiving (November 20, 2020), and students will work from home for the rest of the fall term. Residence halls will also close at any time that the College decides it must close. Students who decide to return to campus must have an exit plan if they are living in on-campus residence halls. In other words, if the College must quickly close due to an outbreak or for other reasons, we will not house students for any extended period of time (absent temporary isolation/quarantine before departure). As part of your preparations, please consider limiting the number of items you bring to campus. 

Last Updated July 1