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October 18-24, 2021 Franklin & Marshall College Poll: Summary of Findings

 October 18-24, 2021 Franklin & Marshall College Poll: Topline Report

The October 2021 Franklin & Marshall College Poll finds President Biden’s job approval ratings and personal popularity have declined in Pennsylvania since August. About one in three (32%) registered voters in Pennsylvania believes President Biden is doing an “excellent” or
“good” job as president, which is a sizable decline from his June rating of 44 percent and his August rating of 41 percent. Nearly two in five (39%) voters say their feelings about President Biden’s job performance have changed over the past few months, with most (90%) of these voters feeling the President is performing “worse” today. Voters who feel the President is doing “worse” most often say that the Afghanistan withdrawal (31%), the border crisis and immigration
(15%), the economy and inflation (15%), and COVID-19 (14%) are the reasons for their change of mind.

Comparatively, the President’s positive approval ratings among Democrats and independent voters are well below the Governor’s positive ratings among those groups. Governor Wolf’s positive job approval rating is 42 percent, consistent with prior surveys.
Concerns about government and politicians (20%) and the economy (17%), including unemployment and personal finances, are the most important problems facing Pennsylvania right now, according to the state’s registered voters. Pennsylvania voters’ optimism about conditions in the state has declined since August and there is also no notable improvement in voters’ assessments of their personal finances.

A majority (55%) of registered voters opposes the state legislature’s plans to conduct a forensic investigation of the 2020 election. Of course, there are significant partisan and ideological differences related to support for the investigation, with Democrats (78%), independents (64%), liberals (88%), and moderates (69%) opposed and Republicans (70%) and conservatives (76%) in support.

More voters favor than oppose requiring masks in public schools (64%), employers requiring COVID-19 vaccinations of their employees (56%), and businesses requiring customers to provide proof of a vaccination (51%). Despite each measure having majority support, each also has a relatively sizable group that “strongly opposes” it. For example, Republicans (41%) and conservatives (44%) strongly oppose mask mandates in public schools while Democrats (71%) and liberals (86%) strongly favor them.

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