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February 15 - 19, 2017 Franklin & Marshall College Poll

The February 2017 Franklin & Marshall College Poll finds that Pennsylvania voters continue to be dissatisfied with the direction of the state, the country, and with politics in general. Most registered voters believe the state (52%) and country (66%) are “on the wrong track.” Many registered voters also believe that “government” and “politicians” are the most important problems facing both the state and the nation at the moment. Consequently, registered voters’ job approval ratings for Governor Wolf (38%), Senator Casey (37%), and President Trump (32%) are relatively low, although Governor Wolf’s ratings are better than they were one year ago during the latter stages of the state budget impasse. President Trump’s ratings are strong among Republicans and even stronger among self-described conservatives and, despite his relatively low ratings, a majority (51%) of all registered voters is confident in his ability to improve the economy. An equal share of registered voters in the state believes the media treats President Trump “very unfairly” (32%) as believe it treats him “very fairly” (32%).

​The Franklin & Marshall College Poll is produced in conjunction with the Philadelphia Daily News, WGAL-TV (South Central PA), Pittsburgh Tribune Review, WTAETV (Pittsburgh), WPVITV6/ABC (Philadelphia), Times-Shamrock Newspapers, Harrisburg PatriotNews, and Lancaster Newspapers. This survey may used in whole or in part, but must contain the reference that it was conducted at Franklin & Marshall College.

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