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June 4 - 10, 2018 Franklin & Marshall College Poll

The June 2018 Franklin & Marshall College Poll finds that more than half (55%) of the state’s registered voters are “very interested” in the 2018 mid-term elections; more Democrats (62%) than Republicans (50%) or independents (41%) say they are “very interested.” At the moment, both Governor Tom Wolf and Senator Bob Casey hold comfortable leads against their Republican challengers, but a large portion of voters, notably Republicans and independents, are undecided in those races and neither Republican candidate is well known yet among voters.

More than two in five (45%) registered voters in Pennsylvania believe Governor Wolf is doing an “excellent” or “good” job as governor, which is similar to our March survey. Two in five (42%) registered voters believe Senator Casey is doing an “excellent” or “good” job as the state’s US Senator, which is a bit higher than his ratings in the March survey. About one in three (35%) registered voters in Pennsylvania believes President Trump is doing an “excellent” or "good” job as president, which is higher than his ratings in the March survey.

Three in four (72%) of the state’s registered voters believe state government needs reformed, with large majorities favoring reforms to campaign finance laws, the structure and operation of the state legislature, redistricting, and state and local government financing. More than seven in ten (71%) favor holding a constitutional convention to review these matters.

​The Franklin & Marshall College Poll is produced in conjunction with the Philadelphia Daily News, WGAL-TV (South Central PA), Pittsburgh Tribune Review, WTAETV (Pittsburgh), WPVITV6/ABC (Philadelphia), Times-Shamrock Newspapers, Harrisburg PatriotNews, and Lancaster Newspapers. This survey may be used in whole or in part, but must contain the reference that it was conducted at Franklin & Marshall College.

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