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January 20 - 26, 2020 Franklin & Marshall College Poll 

The January 2020 Franklin & Marshall College Poll finds that Pennsylvania voters are generally satisfied with the direction of the state and their personal finances. Half (51%) of the state’s registered voters believe the state is “headed in the right direction.” Most voters report they are “better off” (33%) or the “same” (54%) financially compared to last year and most expect to be “better off” (31%) or the “same” (53%) financially next year—these economic sentiments are slightly more optimistic than those captured during our October poll.

There is no consensus among Pennsylvania’s registered voters about the benefits, costs, consequences, or support for natural gas extraction. More voters support (48%) than oppose (44%) shale drilling in the state, although more believe the environmental risks (49%) of natural gas drilling outweigh the economic benefits than believe the economic benefits outweigh the environmental risks (38%). Slightly more registered voters favor (48%) a ban on hydraulic fracturing than oppose it (39%).

Contrasting with their feelings about the state, fewer (38%) registered voters believes that the United States is “headed in the right direction.” About two in five (38%) registered voters in Pennsylvania believes President Trump is doing an “excellent” or “good” job as president, which is higher than the October Franklin & Marshall College Poll. Two in five (41%) registered voters believe President Trump has done a good enough job to deserve re-election, while three in five (57%) voters say it is time for a change. Nearly two-thirds (67%) of the state’s registered voters say they are “very interested” in the 2020 elections; interest in the general election is already as high as it was immediately prior to the 2018 mid-term election.

The preferences of registered Democrats in Pennsylvania are less clear than in the October Poll, although former Vice President Joe Biden (22%) remains the top choice for President. Senators Bernie Sanders (15%) and Elizabeth Warren (14%) remain in the top tier of candidates and Michael Bloomburg (7%) makes an appearance among a cluster of candidates that includes Pete Buttigieg (6%), Amy Klobuchar (5%) and Andrew Yang (5%). The standings of the Democratic primary race in Pennsylvania are similar to the standings of the race nationally.

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