Whether you are a freshman, alum, or anyone in between, you should consider applying for a fellowship. Fellowships can offer funds for travel, research, study, or all three! 

Franklin & Marshall College’s Office of Fellowships' goal is to assist students and alumni in applying for prestigious national and international fellowships and support and guide them through the application and interview process.

Fellowships can range from short-term summer courses to multi-year graduate programs throughout the world.

Make an Appointment

If you are interested in applying to a fellowship, contact Mary Sakellaris to schedule a meeting with Prof. Monica Cable, Director of Fellowships.

Contact Mary Sakellaris

Find an Opportunity 

To find a fellowship using the method below, think about your current class year, not the year you wish to receive a fellowship. For example, seniors searching for post-graduate opportunities should earch under "Seniors" not "Alumni."  

Also, the division of the disciplines do not necessarily mean you must be majoring in that particular field! Dance majors can look under Humanities if they are interested in teaching, for example. Of course, be sure to check the specific qualifications of each fellowship on their website.

International Students: Fellowships open to non-US citizens will be subtitled "All citizenships welcome," often with the expectation that you are currently enrolled in an American institution (F&M alumni should take note of this). More fellowship opportunities for international students can be found to the right.