The Budget & Financial Planning Office provides leadership, guidance, and service excellence in planning and oversight of the College's budget to support F&M initiatives to recruit extraordinary talent, enhance our teaching, fuel knowledge, discovery and artistic creation, support learning, and grow our resources.  We assist the College's leaders by providing objective, accurate, and timely data, analysis, and expertise to inform decision-making and resource allocation in alignment with the F&M Strategic Priorities.


The Budget & Financial Planning Office will work across organizational divisions to provide the campus community with accurate budgetary information and analysis in a timely and professional manner.



The Budget & Financial Planning Office values the highest level of integrity and ethical conduct. We emphasize the value of growth and development and promote management principles that embrace diversity, service, communication, creativity and innovation.


The Budget & Financial Planning Office works collaboratively with the Budget Priorities Committee and Senior Leadership throughout the year to review current budgets, model trends, and analyze long term strategic planning.  Campus forums are typically held at the beginning of the Spring Semester and provide an overview of the current financial status of the College, trends in higher education, and long term planning goals.  The final budget is approved by the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees.  Rates for Tuition, Room, and Board are typically approved during the winter board meeting, and all other parameters are approved later in the semester for implementation for July 1.


The Budget & Financial Planning Office works with all segments of the College to deliver personalized budgetary, financial, operational, and systems advice.  We strive to provide accurate and timely monitoring, tracking and projection, and reporting of funds available to the College, maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of educational and administrative operations to ensure fiscal prudence of College funds.