Special Circumstances

Domestic Students - In some cases, a student’s financial aid can be re-evaluated when a family’s financial circumstances have changed after the applications for financial aid have been filed. Students and/or their parents should contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss the situation.

Legitimate circumstances are situations beyond a family’s control or choice, which adversely affected their ability to contribute to the student’s education. For example:

  • Loss of employment by a parent
  • Loss of untaxed income or benefit (Social Security, child support)
  • Divorce or separation of parents
  • Death of a parent

An appeal form, provided by the Office of Financial Aid, must be completed and submitted with supporting documents. Appeals are decided by a Financial Aid Committee, and their decision is final. 

If an appeal is approved, a student’s financial aid will be reviewed again to determine eligibility for need-based financial aid funds. It is expected that all financial aid funds, including student loans, will be accepted, otherwise a student's financial aid package may revert back to its original status prior to the appeal.

International Students
 - Changes in circumstances that affect your family contribution after acceptance by the Office of Admission or in subsequent years will not be considered. 

Need-based financial aid for international students is based on the information provided on the CSS Profile or the Application for Financial Assistance. Franklin & Marshall will meet 100% of your demonstrated need for all four years based upon your family contribution and the information that you provide prior to admission. 

If you are admitted without financial aid in your first year, you will not be eligible for financial assistance in subsequent years.