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Franklin & Marshall will meet 100% of the student’s calculated need for all four years based upon their family contribution and the information provided prior to admission. The amount of aid is generous, but also limited. If a student requires a high level of aid, the admission process becomes more competitive.

Financial aid for international students consists of a combination of need-based grants, nominal student loans, campus employment, and in some cases, merit aid.  Financial aid packages, even full financial aid packages, do not include travel or Visa expenses.  It will be up to the student and their family to arrange those funds. The determination of financial need for a financial aid package does include Tuition & Fees, Standard Room & Meal Plan, Books & Miscellaneous Expenses.

All international students regardless of their intent to apply or not apply for financial aid, must complete and submit all required financial documents by the published deadline listed below. 

  • Class of 2026 Convocation

Application Deadlines


application DEADLINE


Early Decision I

November 15

December 15

Early Decision II

January 15

February 15

Regular Decision

January 15

April 1


I am Applying for Financial Aid

CSS Profile: A Global Application
International students requesting aid must submit the CSS Profile for International Applicants using the F&M code 2261.  To start the CSS Profile, you will need to access College Board and create your account if you do not have one. After you have logged in, you will need to complete the CSS Profile registration. When you register, keep in mind that it is important to select the correct academic year that you will be applying for financial aid. For example, if you will be a first-year student in the year 2023, then you will need to select the years 2023-2024. After registering, you are ready to enter your financial information.

Processing of your CSS Profile takes several business days before it will be marked as "received" on your Application Checklist. Therefore, you are encouraged to periodically check your F&M Application Portal.

F&M does NOT require international students to submit or upload tax documents to the College Board's documentaion uploading service called IDOC. Therefore you will NOT be able to sign in or have access to IDOC.

Financial Aid: Future Academic Years
Continuing international student financial aid recipients are not required to file a new CSS Profile each year. If the College’s standard tuition, fees, room and board charges change in future academic years, your financial aid will be adjusted to reflect those changes.

Your contribution, which was used to determine your need-based financial aid, will remain consistent through your four years and will not change regardless of your circumstances. Please plan your educational finances accordingly.


I am NOT Applying for Financial Aid

International Student Certification of Finances Form
If you will not be applying for need-based financial aid, you will need to complete the International Student Certification of Finances form and upload the fully completed and signed form via your F&M Application Portal after you apply for admission to the College. This certification form is required as part of the admission application process and is required by the application deadline date listed above.

Proof of Financial Support 
If admitted, you will be required to provide financial documents to support your NO status as required by the U.S. Government. F&M’s International Student Services Office will guide you through this process after you deposit with the College.

To issue a Form I-20 (required for an F-1 visa interview), enrolled international students must show enough funding available to pay for Year 1 (via a recent bank statement).  In addition, admitted international students must show there will be enough funds incoming for Years 2-4, usually in the form of employer letters certifying that their financial sponsor makes at least the amount of the yearly tuition fees. 

Finally, the financial sponsor(s) must sign an Affidavit of Support indicating they understand that aid status is rarely re-considered after enrollment and that the expected yearly contribution will be available to the student for the four years they are enrolled.

Financial Aid: Future Academic Years
If you decide NOT TO APPLY for financial aid as an incoming international student, you will not be eligible for financial assistance at any time during your years at Franklin & Marshall College.

Additional Information 

Summer Need-Based Financial Aid
College funds are only available to full-time financial aid recipients during the fall and spring semesters.

Off-Campus Study
In future academic years, financial aid recipients will continue to be eligible for financial aid during a fall or spring semester of off-campus study. Students who receive need-based financial aid and who study off campus will receive the same amount of financial aid they would have received if they were on campus. More simply, financial aid packages are not adjusted (increased or decreased) due to a student’s intention to study off-campus. In general, eligibility for financial aid is based on Franklin & Marshall’s tuition, cost of housing and meals, and an allowance for books and personal expenses.

U.S. Federal Tax
Students who are nearly fully funded by the College may incur a U.S. tax on part of their grant aid.  Any portion of your grant aid which exceeds room and meal plan charges may be subject to U.S. Federal Taxes.

Financial Aid Questions
Please email your financial aid questions to:  financialaid@fandm.edu