Financial Aid and
Off-Campus Study (OCS)

During the academic year, students will continue to be eligible for financial aid during a semester of Off-Campus Study (OCS). This includes federal and institutional need-based grants, scholarships and loans. In addition, students who receive Grant-in-Aid  or Tuition Exchange will continue to access these benefits for the semester of Off-Campus Study.

Students  who study off campus will receive the same amount of financial aid they would have otherwise received had they remained on campus. More simply, financial aid packages are not adjusted, increased or decreased, due to a student's intention to study off campus.



Students will receive two (2) separate bills. One from F&M for tuition, the other from the OCS program for housing and/or meals, depending on the program.

  • TUITION:  For programs taking place during the academic year, a student will be billed Franklin & Marshall College's tuition and in turn, Franklin & Marshall will pay the Off‐Campus Study program's tuition. A  Consortium Agreement will outline a student's aid toward their tuition and will be sent to the host university. Please contact the Business Office with questions regarding tuition.
  • HOUSING: A student will be billed the host university's housing costs directly by the host university. A student will receive financial aid towards housing; however, the student is responsible for making the necessary arrangements of payment for housing to the host institution.



A student whose financial aid exceeds the amount of  F&M charges will be sent a refund. Refunds are typically calculated approximately one to two weeks prior to the start of F&M's current semester.  Refunds will be mailed to the student's home address unless otherwise specified. Students who prefer to have their refund mailed to another address or mailed directly to the host institution, must complete the Student Refund Request Form available at the Business Office.



To help fund a Summer Off-Campus Study program:

  • Contact the Office of International and Off Campus Study for scholarship opportunities and institutional funding.
  • Contact the Office of Financial Aid  for information on private and federal student loans.


For more details, download the  OCS & FA INFO SHEET