Since 1952, Franklin & Marshall College  has been a member of the Tuition Exchange, Inc., a consortium of approximately 700 colleges and universities that offer scholarships to the dependents of eligible employees at member institutions.


F&M’s Tuition Exchange Scholarship for 2023-2024 will be $41,000.
The annual scholarship amount is established by Tuition Exchange, Inc. The scholarship also covers F&M’s Study Abroad opportunities, allowing your student to take full advantage of a global education. The scholarship can be renewed up to eight (8) semesters insofar as the student remains in good academic standing and exhibits a high standard of moral conduct. The TE scholar is responsible for the balance in tuition plus fees, room, and board, and the scholarship does not cover additional fees or summer sessions.

To be considered for Tuition Exchange at Franklin & Marshall College:

  • The parent must meet their sponsoring institution’s criteria for eligibility.
  • The parent must file the formal online application for Tuition Exchange scholarship through their sponsor institution prior to the applicable admission deadline.
  • The student must apply and be admitted through the Franklin & Marshall College’s Office of Admission.
    • The Tuition Exchange application deadline is January 15th
    • A student should apply for college admission while simultaneously applying for a Tuition Exchange scholarship.
    •  If a student is applying for Franklin & Marshall’s  Early Decision, the Tuition Exchange application must be submitted before the Early Decision deadline.  

Tuition Exchange  recipients are selected by a committee in the Office of Admission.

  • They are selected for outstanding academic achievement in high school and demonstrated potential to contribute to the College’s campus community.
  • Selection  will be made by April 1 with the expectation that the recipients make their decision by the May 1 enrollment deadline.
  • Recipients are selected from the first-year applicant pool. Should any position go unfilled with a first year student, or if a current Tuition Exchange recipient takes a temporary Leave of Absence, then a currently enrolled and/or transfer student who has not received Tuition Exchange in the past at Franklin & Marshall College but is otherwise eligible, may be offered the position.  This situation seldom occurs. However if you are offered Tuition Exchange, you will be notified of your status when the processing of currently enrolled students occurs.

We encourage you to apply for financial aid and other outside scholarships.
As you are aware, TE is very competitive, and the number of TE benefits extended by F&M is contingent upon the number of current recipients graduating in May. A student is eligible to receive outside aid and funding up to their Cost of Attendance (COA), withstanding billed and estimated costs. As such, if you receive TE, it may impact other forms of financial aid to ensure packages do not exceed the COA.

Early Decision applicants applying for TE must submit both their application and the TE application before the Early Decision deadline. Because the Early Decision agreement is binding, we encourage families to take advantage of our Early Estimate of Financial Aid to receive an evaluation of need-based aid before signing the Early Decision Agreement Form. The process also provides families with an opportunity to evaluate whether Franklin & Marshall College is strong financial, academic, and social fit, independent of the TE scholarship.

Who to Contact 

TE Liaison for Prospective Students

Ms. Robin L. Gorini
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
PHONE: 717-358-3991  EMAIL:

 TE Liaison for F&M Employees

Contact Human Resources for information on Tuition Exchange if you have a dependent child applying for undergraduate study at other colleges and universities who participate in the Tuition Exchange Program.


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