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Since 1952, Franklin & Marshall College has been a member of the Tuition Exchange, Inc., a consortium of approximately 700 colleges and universities that offer scholarships to the dependents of eligible employees at member institutions.

To be considered for Tuition Exchange at Franklin & Marshall College:

  • Submit the Tuition Exchange Scholarship application through the parent’s sponsor institution by the following deadline dates.
    • Early Decision I: 
      November 15
      (Notified within 30 days)
    • Early Decision II:
      January 6
      (Notified within 30 days)
    • Regular Decision:
      January 6
      (Notified by April 1)
  • Apply and be admitted through Franklin & Marshall College’s Office of Admission. 

A Committee in the Office of Admission selects Tuition Exchange applicants from the first-year applicant pool.

Primary emphasis is on a student’s academic achievement in high school, the strength of their academic schedule, test scores (if applicable), and the student’s potential for contribution to the Franklin & Marshall College community. Selection and notification of Tuition Exchange recipients will be made by:

  • Early Decision I - December 15
  • Early Decision II - February 15
  • Regular Decision - April 1. This will provide adequate time for the student to make their decision by May 1. 

F&M’s Tuition Exchange Scholarship for 2024-2025 will be $42,000.

  • The annual scholarship amount is established by Tuition Exchange, Inc., not by Franklin & Marshall College.
  • The Tuition Exchange Scholarship will supersede previously offered amounts of need-based institutional funds from Franklin & Marshall College. A student’s total financial aid package cannot exceed their Cost of Attendance (COA) – billed and estimated costs. The types and amounts of other need-based funds for which a student is eligible will be adjusted per federal regulations.
  • The Tuition Exchange recipient is responsible for the balance in tuition plus fees, housing and food. As an example, for the current 2023-2024 academic year, F&M’s Tuition Exchange scholarship is $41,000. The College’s charges for tuition and fees are $68,380.
  • Tuition Exchange may be used for the Study Abroad Program.
  • Tuition Exchange does NOT cover summer sessions. 

A Tuition Exchange Scholarship offer cannot be guaranteed. 

Tuition Exchange scholarships are competitive. The percentage of the new admitted TE candidates offered a TE scholarship at Franklin & Marshall College is approximately 10% each academic year. 

Therefore, we encourage you to use Franklin & Marshall's Net Price Calculator. Or, if you are applying Early Decision, you may want to request an Early Financial Aid Estimate. Both will provide you with a quick snapshot of your estimated eligibility for need-based financial aid without a Tuition Exchange Scholarship. 

For Tuition Exchange Applicants Not Selected Who Enroll at Franklin & Marshall College:

Providing the parent has submitted a new Tuition Exchange application through their sponsoring institution each academic year, in the event a Tuition Exchange position opens, the process would be as follows. 

PLEASE NOTE: The following situations seldom occur: 

  • Any position not filled with a first-year student, may be offered to an otherwise eligible, currently enrolled and/or transfer student who has not received Tuition Exchange in the past at Franklin & Marshall College. If you are offered Tuition Exchange, you will be notified of your status after the processing of first-year students has occurred. 
  • If a current Tuition Exchange recipient takes a temporary Leave of Absence, then a currently enrolled and/or transfer student who has not received Tuition Exchange in the past at Franklin & Marshall College but is otherwise eligible, may be offered the position. However, the Tuition Exchange Scholarship offer will be conditional based on the original recipient’s return from their Leave of Absence. 

Students are encouraged to apply for federal and institutional financial aid as well as scholarships from external organizations. 

Students apply for federal aid by completing the FAFSA and institutional need-based aid by completing the CSS Profile. Both online applications are required by Franklin & Marshall College for full consideration of need-based financial aid. 

Students are also encouraged to apply for federal and institutional aid for these additional reasons: 

  • Franklin & Marshall College does not accept the student’s Tuition Exchange scholarship and the student does not have sufficient funds to cover their educational expenses. 
  • The student’s parent loses eligibility for the Tuition Exchange scholarship benefit through their employer institution.

The Tuition Exchange Scholarship will be renewed for a maximum of eight (8) semesters to incoming, first-year students. 

To be eligible for renewal, the student’s parent must still be eligible and apply for Tuition Exchange through their home school's TE Liaison Officer every academic year. This allows the Liaison Officer to submit a Recertification Form to F&M to continue the scholarship. 

In addition, a student must: 

  • Be making Satisfactory Academic Progress as established by the College. 
  • Exhibit a high standard of moral conduct at the College. 
  • Be enrolled full-time each semester. 
  • Promptly notify the Liaison Officer at F&M and their parent’s employing institution if they withdraw or transfer to another college/university. 
  • Report the status of their enrollment annually to the Liaison Officer at their parent’s employing institution. 

Who to Contact

Tuition Exchange Liaison for Prospective Students

Office of Financial Aid
Phone:  717-358-3991

Tuition Exchange Liaison for F&M Employees

Contact Human Resources for information on Tuition Exchange if you have a dependent child applying for undergraduate study at other colleges and universities who participate in the Tuition Exchange Program.

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