Assistant Professor of Sociology



Firuzeh Shokooh Valle is a researcher and journalist from Puerto Rico. Her research examines how development policy frames the relationships between gender, technology, and science, and the ways in which feminist activists mobilize around these issues in Latin America and other regions of the Global South. Her work is located within a southern political geography that is in contention with the legacy, and persistence, of colonialism.

Firuzeh has authored and co-authored academic articles published in the peer-reviewed journals Sociology of DevelopmentSocial Movement Studies, and the Cuban academic journal Temas. As a journalist, she has covered violence against women and gender politics, racism, poverty and socioeconomic development, and migration in Puerto Rico. She has earned numerous national awards for her journalistic investigative work. She is the former Spanish Language Editor of the independent multilingual digital media publication Global Voices Online, where she mentored numerous aspiring journalists and women of color. Firuzeh has also done volunteer work with grassroots women’s organizations helping them design social media strategies that reflect their vision.

*Image credit: Sonaksha.