Membership | Joining Process

The process for joining a fraternity or sorority differs among organizations and types, but generally involves a recruitment period early in either the fall or spring semesters, usually known as “Membership Week” or "Intake", and then an invitation to join is extended to an individual. A probationary membership period follows, upon completion of which a new member or associate is offered with full induction into the fraternity or sorority group. This is no different than beginning work for a company and you have a trial period or orientation period as a new employee. 

Registering for Membership Interest | Recruitment

If you are interested in joining a fraternity or sorority, you must first register for that specific group's membership recruitment or Intake process. Please click on the links below to register online and see any upcoming dates for membership recruitment or intake.

Digital Membership/Intake Procedures

Potential new members are required to register to become eligible to participate in membership recruitment/intake whether they receive a bid or not. When conducting a membership recruitment/intake event, a laptop is required at a sign-in table at the event for potential new members to register. Make sure every person you speak to in reference to joining a Fraternity or Sorority is registered. Registering online is non-binding.

When potential new members register they release their grades and judicial records to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Franklin & Marshall College, and the respective chapter officials. This is the process that legally allows the College to review academic performance and judicial records. They also acknowledge our hazing policy and release Franklin & Marshall College of all liabilities during events.