Students from around the country and the world seek an F&M education because they want to study with faculty who encourage the best in them. They want to engage intensely with fellow students who share their passion for excellence and contribute to a community that values each person as an individual.  
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The continued distinction of this powerful F&M educational experience hinges on the caliber of our students and their faculty. We must continue to educate the best and brightest students. We must continue to recruit, retain and support the finest faculty.

At the same time, today’s college students are the most diverse population of talent that American higher education has ever seen. Already, F&M has become a national leader in identifying exceptional talent across every dimension of our society. Meanwhile, globalism, sociopolitical tensions, economic disruption, technology and the pace of knowledge generation have increased the importance of acumen and personal and intellectual agility. An F&M education nurtures precisely these qualities.

Bold new investments in academic excellence will ensure that we continue to secure outstanding students, deliver an education that distinguishes F&M and prepare students for influence and success across a lifetime in a changing world. Toward these aims, this campaign prioritizes several areas that are vital to the quality, reach and reputation of the F&M learning experience.

To propel this critical goal, we’ve launched the Trustee Endowed Scholarship Challenge that will raise $10 Million to create financial aid opportunities that support students across the country and around the world.

Expanding Scholarship Support and Student Aid

Including investments in the following:

  • Need-based scholarships, so that F&M can continue to admit high-achieving students without regard to their financial means.
  • Expanded offerings through our F&M College Prep program, which introduces superb students from first-generation backgrounds to F&M as it helps them prepare for success in college.

Boosting Innovation and Creativity

Including investments in the following:

  • Faculty research and scholarship, to keep our faculty on the cutting edge of new knowledge and engage students in the instructive and inspiring pursuit of leading ideas.
  • Innovative educational spaces within the new Winter Visual Arts Center, to fully capitalize on its extraordinary promise for the F&M culture of creativity.
  • Endowed support for faculty, to ensure that F&M can continue to recognize and recruit the finest teacher-scholars across their careers at the College.
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