Senior Giving Challenge

  • Senior Class Toast

Did you know that most philanthropists create a lifelong habit of giving that starts with one small gift? For years, it has been a tradition at F&M for seniors to make their first gifts to the College through the Senior Giving Challenge.

Let's start giving now, begin our legacy, and pay it forward! You will continue to benefit from your incredible F&M education, and your gift will help give someone else that same opportunity.

Where does your money go?

Every gift to the Franklin & Marshall Fund is vital to every aspect of the F&M student experience — supporting close student-faculty collaboration, energizing campus life, extending financial aid to talented students, expanding programs for student-athletes, promoting ongoing opportunities for learning and discovery, and preparing students for life after college. Thanks to alumni and F&M community philanthropy, the Franklin & Marshall Fund provides the resources necessary to sustain the College.

Why should you give?

Many of the classes and programs we enjoy are made possible in part by philanthropic donations from our alumni base. Contribute to the Senior Class Gift and join our alumni in shaping the F&M experience. Additionally, your gift to F&M counts towards alumni participation and elevates our rankings, increasing the value of our degrees.

Our goal is to get 400 students, including 300 seniors, to make a gift — of any size — this year! Please join us in making this a record-breaking year!

To learn more or get involved, Donna Pflum at 717-358-4266 or .

Dollars for DIPS Senior Giving Challenge Committee

  • Lara Gillingham '23  - Senior Chair
  • Hope Petrailia '24  - Junior Chair
  • Fiorella Comparini Donoso '24
  • Sara Flores '24
  • Arden Hitchcock '24 
  • Colin Hueston '24
  • Liz Joslin '24 
  • Darby Klopp '23 
  • Riley Klopp '25 
  • Kyle Lanzilotti '23 
  • Sophie Moyer '25 
  • Ethan Senatore '24
  • Xander Stone '24
  • Lily Vining '24 
  • Tess Wallace '23