Building a College

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Building upon Franklin & Marshall’s standing as a national liberal arts college of exceptional merit requires extensive resources. Capital and endowed gifts provide a reliable source of income that allows the College to continue investing in the excellence of its campus, faculty and student opportunities. These investments enhance the College’s commitment to excellence in undergraduate liberal education by supporting financial aid for talented students of modest means, the recruitment of a diverse, international student body and extraordinarily talented faculty, the expansion of resources for student-athletes, collaborative research opportunities for faculty and students, and the ongoing beautification and expansion of F&M’s historic campus through brick and mortar projects.

Capital and endowed gifts can be unrestricted or designated for a specific purpose. Regardless of how you choose to give, your generosity makes a tremendous impact on the life of the College.

To learn more about capital and endowment giving, contact Associate Vice President for College Advancement Cynthia Gorman, at 717-358-4270 or

Endowed Scholarships

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Through the generosity of alumni and friends of the College, endowed awards and scholarships allow students to enhance their College experience in a variety of ways. Endowed scholarships support Franklin & Marshall students both during their tenure at F&M and after graduation by enabling groundbreaking student research, graduate studies and ongoing opportunities for learning and discovery. We are indebted to these charitable donors for their role in distinguishing Franklin & Marshall as a college that offers exceptional opportunities for knowledge creation and discovery.

Shadek Stadium

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Shadek Stadium is the latest and most prominent symbol of F&M’s commitment to national leadership in athletics. It also stand as a lasting tribute to the generosity of the College’s many friends and supporters, led by the Shadek family, who provide the solid foundation upon which the College continues to build a vibrant campus community that values excellence in all areas of student education and personal success. To learn more about the campaign for Shadek Stadium, head here