The Impact of Your Gifts


Your gifts make an immediate impact on Franklin & Marshall College — on its students, faculty, campus and enduring legacy. This includes both gifts designated for a particular cause and unrestricted gifts to the Franklin & Marshall Fund. Every gift to the Franklin & Marshall Fund is vital to every aspect of the F&M student experience — supporting close student-faculty collaboration, energizing campus life, extending financial aid to talented students, expanding programs for student-athletes, promoting ongoing opportunities for learning and discovery, and preparing students for life after college. The fund provides the resources necessary to sustain the College and its mission of excellence in undergraduate education.

The stories below speak to just some of the tremendous impacts of our donors' generosity and the collective power of this essential fund. Support F&M students by making your gift today.

Story 12/17/2014

New Generation of Leaders Gets a Lift from Rouse Scholarship

Leadership -- the ability to persuade others to work together to get things done -- is a quality...

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Story 12/9/2014

"Americans in Paris" Course Connects Students on Different...

More than 3,700 miles of mostly ocean separate the F&M in Paris students from the students taking...

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Story 12/5/2014

Hundreds of F&M Students Study Abroad Each Year

Around the world, F&M students delve into their distinctive academic interests and experience...

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Story 11/7/2014

Student/Faculty Duo Explore Vertical Migration Research

“This research,” says Nora Theodore ’13, “is for people who find beauty in the small things.”...

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Story 10/24/2014

Student's Plant Research Earns Top Honor

Thai "Dat" Dao won an award for best poster at the regional meeting of the American Society for...

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Story 10/16/2014

The Remarkable Generosity of Ann Boyd Barshinger W'43

Investing in bright students of modest means is a gift that keeps giving.

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Story 10/7/2014

Collaborative Research in the Serpentine Barrens

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology Kathryn Flinn and student Jennifer Mikes study the barrens.

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Story 9/30/2014

Hackman Scholar Explores Life in an Alpine Lake

Eila Miller is studying the migration behavior of zooplankton, tiny invertebrates that live in...

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Story 9/15/2014

$5 Million Lehman Endowment Gift to Support F&M Wrestling

A $5 million gift from David Lehman '68 will endow F&M's NCAA Division I wrestling program. 

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