The Impact of Your Gifts


Your gifts make an immediate impact on Franklin & Marshall College — on its students, faculty, campus and enduring legacy. This includes both gifts designated for a particular cause and unrestricted gifts to the Franklin & Marshall Fund. Every gift to the Franklin & Marshall Fund is vital to every aspect of the F&M student experience — supporting close student-faculty collaboration, energizing campus life, extending financial aid to talented students, expanding programs for student-athletes, promoting ongoing opportunities for learning and discovery, and preparing students for life after college. The fund provides the resources necessary to sustain the College and its mission of excellence in undergraduate education.

The stories below speak to just some of the tremendous impacts of our donors' generosity and the collective power of this essential fund. Support F&M students by making your gift today.

Story 9/11/2014

Appalachian Trail Trip Brings Together First-Year Students

The pre-orientation program supports students who are interested in becoming leaders in...

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Story 9/2/2014

Student Explores Dual Interests in Math, Mosquito Control

In Lancaster County's Millport Conservancy, Joshua Finkel seeks to make more effective mosquito...

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Story 8/28/2014

Hackman Scholar Maps Deserted Greek Villages

The researchers captured aerial photos in a survey of Aigition, a 19th-century village in the...

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Story 8/19/2014

Mayser Center Locker Rooms Receive a Makeover

The new locker rooms were renovated this summer at a cost of $2.1 million.

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Story 8/15/2014

One Journey. One Field. Many Dreams.

For 12 days in May, the F&M men’s soccer team traveled through South Africa on a journey combining...

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Story 7/28/2014

Hackman Scholars Target an Exotic Atom's Properties

Three Hackman Scholars are working with an F&M physicist on a three-year project to study the...

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Story 7/23/2014

Student Researchers Explore Link Between Stress, Emotions

An F&M professor and her student researchers are studying emotion-regulation ability among hundreds...

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Story 7/1/2014

Hackman Scholar Studies Ballet's Influence in Philadelphia

The student-faculty team is examining ballet's cultural influence in early America.

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Story 6/3/2014

Student Volunteers Offer Aid to Sandy-Struck Staten Island

Eight F&M students spent three days working to restore a home flooded by Hurricane Sandy.

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