A college like F&M is a remarkable creation. Rare are the institutions that serve at the highest levels for many generations—and prepare to serve for countless generations yet to come.

This campaign makes an unprecedented commitment to the Franklin & Marshall Fund because this fund allows donors at every level to carry on the College’s tradition of excellence for every student every day. Through this unrestricted annual fund, the College delivers programmatic offerings and learning opportunities that would otherwise be beyond its reach. With each gift to the fund, donors steadily advance each and every F&M priority.

The pathways through which donors contribute to this fund are many, including annual fund drives, affinity-giving initiatives, class-giving initiatives, the Diplomat Athletic Club and more. Like the College itself, the Franklin & Marshall Fund is a collaborative effort: It arises from the support of alumni and friends whose giving makes real their collective faith in the College’s mission—and its future. As they support the Fund during this campaign, donors will strengthen F&M for students now and for the next generation of Diplomats who will proudly call F&M home.

fmfund total 6/30/21

The Franklin & Marshall Fund

  • Recruiting and retaining distinguished student talent.
  • Supporting faculty and student learning, research, creativity and discovery.
  • Strengthening the student experience, including co-curricular activities and athletics.
  • Launching our students into lives of success beyond college.
  • Developing capital and technological improvements that enhance the environment for living, learning, productivity and growth.
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