Office of College Grants

Franklin & Marshall’s Office of College Grants (OCG) directs and guides faculty, students, and staff through external and internal grant funding opportunities to ensure F&M’s position on the leading edge of liberal arts education. Intellectually curious and creative by nature, our staff members endeavor to embody the OCG’s shared values while assisting with all stages of ideation, concept development, and the pursuit of funding from a wide variety of internal and external sources.

The OCG also oversees research administration and compliance systems and provides staffing support to the Institutional Review Board (IRB)Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and Committee on Grants (COG)

To effectively serve grant and fellowship seekers and other creative minds, the OCG houses staff from multiple divisions in one location: Buchanan House (Building 6) sandwiched between the Shadek-Fackenthal Library and Beau’s Dream Dog Park. A listing of staff areas of expertise is available here

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Faculty Funding Resources (Internal & External)

The Office of College Grants is committed to furthering the scholarly research and creativity of F&M's faculty through Internal, External, Fellowship and Leave funding opportunities. 

Internal Funding Resources for Faculty

Information regarding internal funding sources, application process, and guidelines.


External Funding Resources for Faculty

Information regarding F&M's external grant proposal process including Grant Proposal Preparation and Submission FAQs, Elements of a Grant Proposal,  & Proposal Budget Development.   


Faculty Fellowship & Leave Funding Information

Information regarding opportunities for faculty to obtain fellowship and leave funding. 


Student Research Funding &  Resources
(Internal & External)

Committee on Grants

The Committee on Grants (COG) fund provides students with supplemental funding for creative research projects in arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.


Additional Funding Opportunities for Students

Information on additional internal and external funding opportunities for students


Human Subject & Animal Study Guidelines

Information regarding guidelines and research ethics involving human subjects or animals, Institutional Review Board (IRB), and Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC).


See OCG Staff Areas of Expertise below. For a link to the staff directory page hosted by Franklin & Marshall College, click here.

Amy Cuhel-Schuckers      717-358-4697
Director of Faculty Grants & Compliance Resourcing

  •  Grant/fellowship conceptualization, editing, and targeted feedback
  • Budget feasibility development; proposal submission
  • Expertise on research compliance to institutional partners

Molly Dellinger                        717-358-4517
Grants Management Coordinator

  • Grant budgets & proposal submission
  • Subawards
  • Grant management (bridge to post-award)
  • Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) Coordinator

Andrea Sherman                   717-358-4220
Senior Accounting Analyst

  • Faculty liaison to Business Office
  • Grants Portfolio Manager

Kathy Hertzler           717-358-3982
Administrative Assistant for College Grants

  • Committee on Grants (COG)
  • Office of College Grants Resource Fund (OCGRF)
  • Marshall Fellow Grant administration
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) Coordinator

Janeen Maxwell         717-358-5918
Associate Director of Foundation & Corporate Relations

  • Institutional grant proposals & reports
  • Collaborative proposal development
  • Corporate engagement


Corporate & Foundation Grants 

Advancing the Educational Mission

Corporate and foundation grants are one of the most effective means of supporting education, research and scholarship so that F&M can continue to enhance the academic programming that distinguishes the College at the leading edge of liberal arts education. 

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PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program

Pennsylvania's Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program offers businesses an incredible opportunity to direct a portion of their state tax dollars to educational improvement organizations such as Franklin & Marshall to support innovative educational programs that directly benefit students in PA public schools.

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