2/06/2019 Office of College Grants News

Kate Plass – OCG STEM Faculty Fellow

The Office of College Grants (OCG) announces its first STEM Faculty Fellow. Arising in part out of the NIH BRAD grant that the OCG was awarded in 2017, the STEM Faculty Fellow will fill an important niche by bringing a faculty “voice” into OCG’s operations.

As an example, detailed, data-rich descriptions of the institutional context in which scholarship is carried out are common requirements for grant proposals. Extensive data on past research outcomes across the College and student involvement can be necessary to craft a compelling document. As the new OCG STEM Fellow for the Spring of 2019, chemistry professor Kate Plass will collaborate with the OCG to create a sustainable resource to help grant seekers access necessary information and gain support for their scholarship. Suggestions and comments regarding how to structure such a resource are welcome (kplass@fandm.edu). Furthermore, the OCG STEM fellow is available for consultation on individual, collaborative, and institutional grant projects in or related to the sciences.

Plass, who joined F&M in 2008, organized the 2017 National Science Foundation Division of Chemistry Early Career Grantseekers Workshop and has received the Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award, the National Science Foundation CAREER award, and has been named a Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar. Overall, this project builds on Plass's work as the 2016-2017 Faculty Center's Faculty Fellow, in which she investigated how the College can make student-faculty collaborative scholarship more impactful and wide-spread.

Located in the Buchanan House, the Office of College Grants exists to support, through various external and internal funding opportunities, the scholarly and creative pursuits of faculty, students, and staff as well as the strategic priorities of the institution. 

  • Associate Professor of Chemistry Kate Plass says the recognition of female chemists is important because women's interest in chemistry tends to peter out in the years between middle school and college.
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