7/31/2019 Nic Auwaerter

Office of College Grants Resource Funds: 2018-2019 Division II

During the 2018-2019 academic year, faculty from Division II utilized the Office of College Grants Resource (OCGR) Funds to conduct 11 projects around the world.  These projects are spread out across 6 different departments. 

American Studies

  • David Schuyler utilized the OCGR funds to support indexing for his book Iconic Planned Communities.


  • Thomas Hart utilized OCGR funds to help address knowledge gaps relative to causes of the Late Classic Maya collapse, a debate with both environmental and societal importance. These funds will assist in transportation costs associated with traveling to examine crop remains in Belize.  

Business, Organization, and Society

  • Eunbi Kim used OCGR funds to visit Korea in support of her research project on Hyundai's innovation and design, which is an extended study of her dissertation on Korean automaker's cost leadership strategy and its impacts on the host country's labor markets. These funds will assist with visits and interviews to further the scope of the project. 
  • Cynthia Krom utilized OCGR funds to further her academic research.


  • Biko Koenig utilized OCGR funds to travel to Segovia, Spain to attend Team Populism, an international research team on the study of populist politics. At the conference, Biko presented on his work on the recent Lancaster congressional election.  


  • Maria Mitchell utilized OCGR funds to travel while on sabbatical to the annual German Studies Association conference. At the conference, Maria was selected to participate in a three-day seminar on gender and Catholicism in German history, and represented the Seminar Program Committee at the GSA Board Meeting.     

  • Laura Shelton used OCGR funds to travel to Hermosillo, Mexico, to conduct newspaper archival research on an upcoming book chapter she is writing. This chapter will examine an infanticide trial involving a twenty-seven-year-old married woman named Doa Mara de Sanchez that occurred in Guaymas, Sonora at the end of the nineteenth century. Laura’s work explores how Sanchez’s case marks an emerging trend in how lawyers and accused women explained infant death.

  • Van Gosse utilized the OCGR funds to speak at the annual conference for the Irish Association for American Studies for the third consecutive year. Van states speaking at these conferences have led to multiple collaborations and other great opportunities, such as being a  reviewer for the Irish Fulbright Commission and the Irish Laureate Awards, and working with U.S. historian at Trinity College Dublin, Professor Daniel Geary. 


  • Amy Singer used OCGR funds to present a paper at the 2019 Race in the Marketplace (RIM) Research Forum, an international workshop. The guiding aim of RIM is to highlight the reality of power, privilege, and oppression, question existing marketplace practices and link these understandings to an overall framework that supports the development of equitable markets across societies. These aims and focal points echo the goals of Amy’s own recent sociological research, in which she has begun to explore how entrepreneurs behind profit-seeking firms anticipate the race-based assumptions that their target consumer groups in the US might hold about the farmers who cultivate the Indonesian food products they are selling. 

  • Ashley Rondini utilized the OCGR funds to assist with copyediting services for a series of articles she is currently developing. These funds will assist in finalizing the four-article series.  

  • Firuzeh Shokooh Valle used OCGR funds to assist with fieldwork in Costa Rica and Mexico.  During her fieldwork, she will be investigating connections between structural and technological violence, as well as the strategies of resistance of feminist technology activists and organizations in Latin America. These forms of technological violence are entangled with broader structural inequalities, such as political and socioeconomic trajectories of colonialism and capitalism, that affect materialities, bodies, and subjectivities.


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