7/31/2019 Nic Auwaerter

Office of College Grants Resource Funds: 2018-2019 Division III

During the 2018-2019 academic year, faculty from Division III utilized the Office of College Grants Resource (OCGR) Funds to conduct 15 projects around the world.  These projects are spread out across 6 different departments.


  • Sybil Gotsch used OCGR funds to assist with several projects during her sabbatical. The funds will help Sybil publish three manuscripts from her ongoing research, learn a newly developed technique called “The Optical Method”, and conduct a dry season field campaign where she will use this new technique to determine drought resistance across a wide variety of plant types in the canopy.

  • Aaron Howard utilized OCGR funds to assist with publishing a manuscript entitled “Asclepias syriaca "(Common Milkweed) flowering date shift in response to climate change" in the publication Scientific Reports - Nature. The manuscript covers the important topic of climate change in regards to a plant critical to local and national habitats and the conservation of a well known declining species, the Monarch Butterfly.

  • Dan Ardia used OCGR funds to assist with his research on the temporal changes in the diet of red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) as a function of urbanization. Dan has been testing for spatial and temporal differences in the stable isotopes of foxes across broader spatial and time scales using museum specimens across the US. These funds would help to expand that research to sample collection in three museums in Europe, which will help him to gather a broad swath of data from the U.S. and Europe to test his research predictions.  

  • Harriet Okatach utilized OCGR funds to assist with her research to determine the prevalence of lead poisoning in Botswana. The funds will help with transportation costs and assist with a Batswana research assistant who will partner with students from F&M and help our students understand the Botswanan culture and environment. 

Computer Science

  • Jing Hu used OCGR funds to assist with presenting a paper at the 15th International Symposium on Bioinformatics Research and Applications held in Barcelona, Spain. 

Earth and Environment

  • Elizabeth De Santo utilized the OCGR funds to assist in ensuring that her article in the journal Marine Policy is open access, which will allow for the broadest readership. This article is relevant to negotiations will that work towards conserving biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction (i.e. on the high seas), which are beginning at the UN this September. Currently, there is a lack of transparency in how the high seas are being managed and Elizabeth's open-access article will help inform people about the key issues that will be negotiated at the UN in September, 2019.

  • Eve Bratman used OCGR funds to assist with her upcoming book. The funds will support the indexing of the approximately 300-page manuscript and copyright clearances for the 28 figures.

  • Eric Hirsch utilized OCGR funds to support his summer research, “Home, Extended”.  For his work, Eric traveled to Peru to gather narrative data, which exposes the specific contours of intraregional migration journeys that people make in the Andes.  His research will reveal how and whether those journeys are changing due to intensified droughts, unpredictable weather, decreased harvests, and other climate change impacts.


  • Nicholas Baeth used OCGR funds for two projects this fiscal year.
    • He traveled to Universidade de Sao Paulo in Brazil for the Second International Meeting in Commutative Algebra and its Related Areas, where he presented his research. This opportunity also allowed him to learn about state of the art advances in commutative algebra from researchers all over the world and to share ideas and forge new collaborations with several researchers.
    • Nicholas’ second project involved traveling to the University of Graz in Austria. There he presented on one of his research topics: factorization properties in complement-finite ideals of free semigroups. Additionally, he worked with several of his colleagues on factorization theory.
  • Annalisa Carnnell utilized OCGR funds to assist with the publication of her paper in the Journal for Geometry and Graphics.  

Physics and Astronomy

  • Etienne Gagnon used OCGR funds to assist with the publication of one of his manuscripts in the Journal of Applied Physics: the funds permitted Etienne to make his article available through open access.

  • Froney Crawford utilized OCGR funds to assist with presenting a paper at the PIERS Remote Sensing conference in Rome. Froney and Tim Bechtel are presenting on their work to detect tripwires in support of a robotic landmine sensor that they and their colleagues are developing.


  • Tim Roth used OCGR funds to assist with his academic research.

  • Ryan Lacy utilized OCGR funds to assist with the publication of his latest manuscript. Ryan will use the funds to help ensure the article is available via open access thereby ensuring wide dissemination.


  • Division 3 Faculty
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