1/22/2020 Office of College Grants

Ryan Sauder's Colleagues Reflect on His Time at F&M

Nic Auwaerter ’11, 2019-20 OCG Staff Fellow, Sustainability Coordinator

One of the things I appreciate most about Ryan is his ability to bring people together.  He does an amazing job of seeing the potential in people across campus and disciplines and brings them together in a way that amplifies all of their abilities. In this way, he has helped to create a supportive community that values collaboration, creativity, and diversity of opinions. I think this is something truly special and has made a big impact in many corners of the F&M experience.

As a mentor, Ryan has been supportive of exploring new ideas and has always encouraged me to push my boundaries.  He does an excellent job of holding space for personal and professional growth.  He has the ability to provide insightful feedback that is not only constructive but also catalyzes the learning in an exponential way.  His light-hearted nature helps to make even the challenging projects approachable and enjoyable.      

Kathy Hertzler, P ’20, College Grants Administrative Assistant

Ryan has:

  • The ability to pull people together around a common idea/issue/challenge.
  • The will to build bridges and connections and to try to get others to do the same.
  • The skill to really lead from the middle, in a nice way, building consensus.

Molly Dellinger, Grants Management Coordinator

Ryan's legacy is that he established the Office of College Grants department and formalized/solidified its operations.

I appreciated his leadership, and candor as well as his willingness and openness to explore uncharted territory.

Within the OCG he created a cohesive unit that enabled us to transform the ways in which we support faculty in the pursuit of funding for their research and funding for programs.

Amy Cuhel-Schuckers, Director of Faculty Grants and Compliance Resourcing

When the Office of College Grants formed in 2012, I was the new person in the mix. From the very beginning, I was impressed by the level of Ryan’s investment in the process of forging an office culture and ethos as a shared endeavor. It’s one thing to be appointed a leader of a unit or an organization, it is quite another to earn the role of leader from the folks for whom you’re responsible – Ryan certainly earned his way, with creative approaches, insatiable curiosity, and a sense of fun. I'm going to miss him.

Ryan also invested countless hours in thinking about and modeling the process of leading from the middle – that is leadership without authority from someone positioned in the middle of an organization. I learned a lot from him, and am grateful to have landed where I did. By thinking big in relation to shared goals for the office, Ryan stretched us all to reach higher and to pull together into a cohesive, yet diverse unit, which I think is an asset to the institution.

Andrea Sherman, Senior Accounting Analyst

I appreciated the welcome I received when I started. I only work part time in the office but have been made to feel like a full time member of OCG. It sounds easier than it looks and I appreciate everyone making me feel welcome, but I feel Ryan made it a point with his leadership. 

I appreciated his willingness to support professional development and team building with his budget. 

Janeen Maxwell, Associate Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations

Ryan secured and leveraged resources to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in many forms - first generation students, women in the sciences, faculty from underrepresented groups, inclusive pedagogy, cultural arts programming, etc. He enabled both access and success for current and future F&M students. 

I appreciated that Ryan valued professional development and provided ample opportunities for his staff to lead, learn, and grow.

Dan Ardia, 2019-20 OCG Faculty Fellow, Professor of Biology, Program Head of International Studies

Ryan has a gift for bridging across disciplines and programs to see first principles, develop clear and compelling narratives, and frame long-term benefits. We will miss his creativity, willingness to listen, to support good ideas, to gently modify our bad ideas, and to tie it all together. 

His legacy is a range of impactful grants that have helped make campus a more just and equitable place.

Grant, the Tortoise

Grant,  too, is reflecting...

From Amy Mulnix, Faculty Center Director

I'm excited for Ryan and wish him the best for a new adventure. I will miss him greatly! He's always fixed my prose, made me laugh, and got me thinking.

From Scott Vine, Director of the College Library

Apart from his work developing the OCG, adding great staff there, and shepherding faculty and staff through many a grant seeking process (for instance, helping the College Library secure an Alden Trust grant to update our SFL Classroom), Ryan was central in developing valuable conversations and gatherings during and after the recent Day of Dialogue that advanced understanding about FPS relationships. 

I've appreciated his creativity, generosity, hard work and sense of humor. And willingness to meet me at Jethro's. 

We'll miss him greatly, and Hastings is benefiting here, so I expect to see significant, visible advances in the field of Bioethics - :)

From Jennifer Morford, Professor of Chemistry

Ryan's approach to collaborating with faculty members on grants has led to productive conversations and successful endeavors that will continue to positively impact our teaching and our research. Ryan always approached these conversations as a colleague with shared goals, and that spirit of collaboration has been greatly appreciated.

From Bryan Stinchfield, Associate Professor of Organization Studies, Brooks College House Don

I appreciated working with Ryan because of his wonderful ability to see trends, work with provosts and professors, and pursue and land grants that helped F&M offer a world class liberal arts tradition.  I will really miss him!

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