General Guidelines.

Most grant-making organizations require that Franklin & Marshall College submits grant applications on behalf of our faculty and staff. Other funders do not explicitly require this, but request information about institutional budgets and resources that require internal approvals. Thus, F&M is considered the project applicant and bears fiscal and legal responsibilities in administering a grant - this means that both faculty and staff must follow the process described here and in the linked pages below in order to obtain required institutional approval on all applications/proposals seeking external funding.

Contact Amy Cuhel-Schuckers, the Director of Faculty Grants & Compliance Resourcing, at ext. 4697 to schedule a meeting to discuss your strategic funding plans as soon as you start thinking about applying for external funding for your research. If you are interested in developing FELLOWSHIP proposals, especially in the arts, humanities, and humanistic social sciences, contact Emily Seitz, Assistant Director of Fellowships and Grants, at ext. 4494.

Funding Searches.

F&M has a subscription to SPIN Global Suite, which is a means for researchers and principal investigators to spend less time doing the arduous and labor-intensive steps of searching. SPIN allows users to be presented with ideally-suited and perfectly matched funding opportunities based on preferences. Please refer to the InfoED/SPINPlus information document to learn more about SPINPlus and how to set up an account.

You also could search these curated sites at other institutions: Williams College, Lewis & Clark, Duke University.

Preparing a Proposal.

After identifying a funding opportunity, check in with Amy Cuhel-Schuckers for help with developing faculty research grants, and Emily Seitz for help with developing humanities- or arts-related fellowships. We can guide you about framing your proposed project, reaching out to program officers, developing letters of intent or preliminary proposals, writing project narratives, developing budgets and budget justifications, and preparing related documents.

When you're getting closer to the submission deadline, be sure to review the content at the Grant Proposal and Submission FAQ link below, so that you fulfill all institutional requirements.




Compliance Matters 

Responsible Conduct of Research

F&M subscribes to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) which provides educational courses on Responsible Conduct of Research that includes the following modules: Research Misconduct, Data Management, Using Animal Subjects in Research, Research Involving Human Subjects, Conflicts of Interest, Mentoring, Authorship,...

CITI Program

Human Subject Study and Vertebrate Animal Study Guidelines

 If your research project involves a human subject or vertebrate animal study, then you must have the protocol reviewed and approved by the relevant committee upon receipt of an award.  

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Grant Writing Tips

Spend time in developing your idea or project, thinking about the critical needs it will address, and researching foundations that will support it. Finding the "right match" will contribute to your success in submitting a winning proposal. This is the most time-consuming step in proposal writing, but it's well worth the invested time.

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