Funding Sources

Faculty Research/Professional Development Funds (FR/PDF) are available as reimbursement to faculty for expenses related to their research, scholarship and the dissemination of the results of their work. (Read more here)

Committee on Grants Funding and Deadlines (Read more here )

F&M Summer Scholars Program (available in February; see "deadlines" below) provides student summer stipends for faculty mentored research projects. (Read more here)  At the end of  each project, the student(s) is also expected to participate in the Fall Research Fair.

The Office of College Grants Resource Fund (OCGRF) provides faculty members with funding for scholarly projects that are not within the central purposes of either COG or FR/PDF funds. Faculty may only hold one OCGRF grant per year. (Read more here.)

Faculty Research & Professional Development Fund

The objective in creating the FR/PDF is to create easily accessible funds for faculty to use in advancing their research and professional development. Much like a pre-approved line of credit, the FR/PDF funding process is designed to give faculty immediate spending flexibility along with the security of knowing that a portion of those expenses will be reimbursed.

Tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible for up to $2,000 per fiscal year (including their sabbatical years), and fulltime visiting faculty members are eligible for up to $1,000 per fiscal year. Fulltime visiting faculty hired on a semester basis are eligible for up to $500 per semester (excluding summer). Senior Adjunct faculty are eligible for up to $500 per fiscal year. Unused funds cannot be carried forward into the next fiscal year.

A spending account has been established for each faculty member and the Administrative Assistant in the Office of College Grants monitors each account. By August of any fiscal year, each department coordinator receives updated information regarding the FR/PDF: a guidelines/instructions document, the current reimbursement form, and an account number for each of their faculty. Each coordinator will disseminate this information to their faculty via email. Your FR/PDF reimbursement request must be made using the reimbursement form (see link below) and must be filled out online, printed, signed, and sent with original, itemized receipts to Kathy Hertzler in the Office of College Grants.

Any questions regarding the Faculty Research/Professional Development Funds (FR/PDF) should be directed to Kathy Hertzler in the Office of College Grants (358-3982).

Please Note: The links below require your F&M netID credentials.

COG Funding and Deadlines

Faculty may apply for the following grants during the specified grant periods:

  1. Research Grants - to support faculty research activities including such expenses as supplies, student assistants, travel for research, and small items of equipment. (Limit of one award up to $1,000 per academic year)
  2. Hackman Faculty Research Awards - to provide funding for a few faculty members who have participated regularly in the Hackman Summer Scholar Program and who have sought outside funding for their research(Limit of one award up to $5,000 per academic year). Faculty applying for a Hackman Faculty Research Award must apply by the deadline for the second COG round.
  3. Price Faculty Research Fund - the Price Award will fund one worthy faculty research project (in any discipline) each year. The amount of the award for FY17 will be $4,000. Grant requests may include (but are not limited to) travel and materials/supplies needed to do research. Faculty applying for the Price Faculty Research Award must apply by the deadline for the second COG round.

The COG Application Form is accessible only during the open application periods. (To  preview the COG application form, click here.) For 2017-2018, COG applications times are as follows:

  • Application Round 1 opens Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017, closes at 4:30 pm on Wednesday, Sept. 20, and awards made by Sept. 29
  • Application Round 2 opens Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017, closes at 4:30 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 1, and awards made by Nov. 10
  • Application Round 3 opens Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018, closes at 4:30 pm on Wednesday, Jan. 31, and awards made by Feb. 9
  • If funds remain, Application Round 4 opens Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2018, closes at 4:30 pm on Wednesday, Mar. 28, and awards made by Apr. 6.

  • The F&M Summer Scholars Program Application (Faculty only may apply for students) opens Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018 and closes at 4:30 pm on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. Awards will be made between February 23 and 28, 2018.

* FOR FACULTY ONLY: It is a condition of the grant that a COG Final Report on your accomplishments be submitted within 30 days upon completion of the project. Completing this report is a precondition for faculty to receive support from the Committee in subsequent years. The COG doesn't cover travel expense to conferences or expenses for research that has already taken place.

F&M Summer Scholars Program Overview

 Faculty ONLY may apply for this program on behalf of the student which is supported by the following endowments:

  • Hackman fund - for faculty/student research in all disciplines
  • Decision Science, Decision Theory, and Distributive Justice - supports up to four faculty/student research collaborations in decision science, decision theory, and distributive justice
  • Eyler fund - for faculty/student research in biochemistry, biology, or chemistry.
  • David Schuyler Urban Studies Fellowship
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Student Exploration Fund Scholars (Faculty who apply for scholars through the Exploration Fund should propose projects that promote high-impact practices for students in the humanities and social sciences working on pressing real-world, unscripted problems such as sustainability, creativity, poverty, public health, etc. or interdisciplinary projects that include geologists and are focused on environmental issues and problems)

*For more complete information, visit next section on this webpage.

**Please use the Summer Scholars Program Application. Click here. ( To preview the Summer Scholars application, click here.)

The F&M Summer Scholars Program Application opens Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018 and closes at 4:30 pm on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. Awards will be made between Feb. 21 and 28. Please use the link above to apply for Summer Scholars.


Franklin & Marshall Summer Scholars Program Information 

The Franklin & Marshall College Summer Scholars Program is a special summer research program that encourages faculty members to develop projects that will involve F&M students as research colleagues. The Franklin & Marshall College Summer Scholars Program brings students and faculty together to work on challenging, high-level research projects of faculty members in all academic divisions of the College.  In a typical summer, approximately 80 students will work with approximately 45 faculty members from departments ranging from Art to Chemistry to History.  Summer Scholars experience first-hand the excitement and challenges of advanced scholarly work. Their faculty sponsors gain the substantial benefits of a bright young collaborator (or two) for a period of 10 weeks in the summer, as well as the intangible personal experience of close mentorship.

Faculty may submit an application for "full" and/or "half" Summer Scholars.  Summer Scholars working full-time receive $12.50/hour for a maxmium of $5,000 (gross wages) for ten 40-hour work weeks. "Half” Summer Scholars receive $12.50/hour for a maxmium of $2,500 (gross wages) for five 40-hour work weeks. Faculty may also request 8-week Summer Scholars (eight 40-hour work weeks.) Summer Scholars work for wages and receive payment only for the hours they have worked. Each student submits an online time sheet every two weeks which is approved by the supervising faculty member or their designee ("proxy").

All students wages are subject to federal withholding rates based on the W-4 form completed at the start of their employment or if they recently updated their W-4 form based on the current year's IRS tax table. (Tax tables and assistance with W4 completion can be found at Student wages are also subject to a 3.07% PA withholding, as well as a 1% or greater local withholding  based on the student's home residence.  In addition, student wages are subject to social security and medicare tax withholdings over the summer when they are not taking full time classes. (Students attending F&M on an F1 Visa from a country outside the US are exempted from social security and medicare withholding.)

The program is open to all current Franklin & Marshall students who are planning to continue classes at F&M in the fall.  Faculty members must nominate the students with whom they wish to work through the Summer Scholars Program application.

The primary goal of this program is to support faculty scholars during the summer in a way that expands the educational and intellectual life of our students.  The projects differ across disciplines.  Some involve empirical research, while others focus on theoretical, historical, or critical analyses, and some generate original works of art.  In all cases, the students gain and develop new skills in creative inquiry while contributing to the faculty member's program of scholarship.  In most cases, these projects result in a tangible outcome of professional quality (e.g., conference presentation or publication, art exhibition, video projection, etc.) as well as a presentation at the next F&M Research Fair.

Many student-assisted projects that contribute significantly to the knowledge and skills of the student are not considered research.  However desirable such projects may be, student research, as defined by this program, requires that students acquire and make use of specialized knowledge.  Thus, projects limited to such tasks as care of laboratory animals, maintenance and repair of equipment, preparation of slides, and performance of clerical work would not be considered student research.  Moreover, bibliographic research is not itself sufficient to be considered research unless accompanied by analysis and interpretation. Scholars are not available for non-academic activities.

Summer Scholars Logistics

Applications must be made by the sponsoring faculty members, who design and supervise the research experience the students will have.  In the case of insufficient funds to cover all applications, preference is given to tenure-track faculty members and to those who have not previously had a grant through the program.  Normally, faculty members will not be allocated more than two scholars per summer.  The Committee on Grants (COG) makes awards.

Whether or not they choose to live on campus, students will be responsible for paying their own room and board, on-campus or elsewhere.  Forms for room and/or board through the College are available from the Residential Programs Office. Students should contact Lori Foust, College Residential Coordinator (358-4438), for more information.

In cases where the cost of supporting student involvement in research can be shared between the Summer Scholars Program and NSF or other outside grants, one-half of their wages will be provided from the Summer Scholars budget and the other half from the external grant.  Account numbers for external funds are required on the Summer Scholars application form and will be included on the student contract.

The Franklin & Marshall Summer Scholars Program spans ten weeks and generally begins in May on the first Monday after Commencement and continues for ten weeks, usually through mid-to-late July.

The faculty sponsor is expected to maintain regular contact with her/his scholar(s).  Except in special circumstances, a week without personal interaction would violate the spirit of the program. "Remote control" collaborations are not acceptable. If you expect to be absent for more than a week during the program period and need discuss the feasibility of flexible scheduling for your summer scholar(s), or if you have any question with regard to this expectation, please contact Associate Dean Marcus Thomsen at extension 4283 or via e-mail at

Student Summer Research Funds Available:

Decision Theory Scholars – student summer awards to support up to four (4) Summer Scholars doing research with faculty in the decision science, decision theory, and distributive justice fields. Projects could be in, among others, the following areas: biostatistics, business, economics, epidemiology, ethics, philosophy, psychology, and public policy.

  • Hackman Scholars – student summer awards (wages) to support students and faculty working together on challenging, high-level research projects of faculty in all academic divisions of the college. Established in 1984 through an endowment by the late William M. and Lucille M. Hackman.
  • Eyler Biochemistry Fund Scholars – student summer awards (wages) to support biochemistry research which, broadly speaking, refers to any research on the structure or function of biomolecules (proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and carbohydrates).

Listed below are several guidelines of which both students and faculty should be aware:

  1. The Summer Scholars program is available only to F&M students who are planning to continue classes at F&M in the fall.
  2. Students must have I-9 and W4 forms completed and verified prior to the first day of employment. These forms are available at the business office. Once completed, students must present the I-9 and W-4 and two forms of photo ID to the Student Payroll Clerk at the Business Office. Once approved, the Office of College Grants will submit the student contracts on behalf of the faculty member. (Students only need to go through the paperwork procedure once. The paperwork is valid for their entire time at the College. If the student is or has been a student worker, this paperwork has already been completed and does not need to be redone.)
  3. Summer Scholars are considered full-time employees for the duration of the summer research program. They are not permitted to take an additional on-campus job with any department, as this would require “overtime” wages from that department. If the student wishes to work a second job off campus, the following conditions must be met:
  • Employment does not interfere with the time period or responsibilities associated with successful performance of the summer scholar's research activities.
  • Specific employment arrangements must be in writing and must be approved by the faculty supervisor.
  • Employment arrangements that meet approval of the faculty supervisor must then be reviewed and approved by Associate Dean Marcus Thomsen for the Provost's Office.

Please note that any employment that is taken without approval of the Provost's Office may be grounds for immediate termination from the Franklin & Marshall College Summer Scholars Program.

4. Summer Scholars may not take summer classes during research program time.

5. Students are to report their research findings at the Fall Research Fair.  Jill Graham, from the Office of the Provost, administers the Research Fair Program.

6. Please advise your student(s) that they should contact Associate Dean Marcus Thomsen if they are concerned that accepting a summer scholar award will violate or cause hardship with regard to their financial aid package from F&M.

Faculty (only) apply for Summer Scholars via the electronic application. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to faculty immediately upon application. The application deadline and award dates are outlined in the section above ("F&M Summer Scholars Program Overview").

Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.

If you have questions about this program, please call Assoc. Dean Marcus Thomsen at X4283.


Office Of College Grants Resource Fund  

The Office of College Grants Resource Fund (OCGRF) provides faculty members with funding for scholarly projects that are not within the central purposes of either COG or FR/PDF funds. NOTE: Funds are limited to one grant per year per faculty member. Funding requests for all categories are capped at $5,000. OCG Resource Funding is available for the following purposes: Publication fees: including but not limited to page charges, subvention fees, fees to include images, and copyright fees. (Note that the Provost’s Office has had some success at negotiating lower publication fees, so the Provost and associate deans will attempt to work with relevant parties before committing a specific amount of funding). Payment of assistants for indexing, copy editing, and other essential needs for publication. International travel costs for research and conference participation.  Convergence grant: seed funds for innovative connections across disciplines or divisions. The Office of College Grants Resource Fund application form asks you to provide a brief accounting of the costs and a brief narrative of how you intend to spend the funds granted.  You may apply here. Once you have been awarded an OCGRF grant and are finished with your project, please complete a brief  Final Report here.

If you have any question regarding the OCGRF, please contact Kathy Hertzler in the Office of College Grants (358-3982) or