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Visiting Assistant Professor of Earth & Environment

Office Hours 

Monday & Thursday, 9:30am – 12:00pm EST. But I encourage students to reach out anytime to schedule a meeting.



I am a political scientist who  specializes in environmental policy and interdisciplinary scholarship. My research asks how political communication can hinder or help policy changes when addressing challenges like global climate change. I use qualitative content analysis and process tracing (incorporating case study analysis, archival work, and in-depth interviewing) to understand the presence and political influence of “frames” used by diverse stakeholders. In doing so, I develop richly detailed causal stories around policy conflicts, and explore under-studied linkages between different climate change communication strategies and the messy reality of on-the-ground policy conflicts.

My current projects focus on climate change, but I’m interested in a range of environmental issues as well as motivated information processing and other contentious policy topics. Most broadly, my long-term research agenda seeks to understand the human dimensions of sustainability problems and solutions.

I completed my PhD in Spring 2019 from the Department of Political Science and with the Ecological Sciences & Engineering Program at Purdue University, in West Lafayette, Indiana. My research was recognized through the 2019 College of Liberal Arts Distinguished Dissertation Award. 

Other Links 

Website:  https://heatherwcann.com/

Twitter: @HeatherWCann



Office Hour Appointments, Fall 2019 (Mondays and Fridays, 3:3pm - 5:00pm)

Office: K011 (ground floor of the Hackman building)