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Our Student Leaders

Hillel Events are made possible through the hard work of our Student Leaders.  We have a Student Executive Board made up of 11 members, and a team of 5 interns we call our Jewish Engagement Fellows.

Meet the Team!

Meet the Staff

Amy Zylberman: Acting Director of the Klehr Center for Jewish Life

Office: Klehr Center for Jewish Life   Phone: 717-358-4268   Email:

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Retired June 2020. Dr. Ralph Taber: Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Director of the Klehr Center for Jewish Life and Adviser to Hillel

Office: Klehr Center for Jewish Life Phone: 717-358-4341 Email:

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Klehr Center for Jewish Life  Board of Directors 
  • Klehr Center Board of Directors

The Klehr Center for Jewish Life Board of Directors is a team of F&M alumni and parents of current students.  This team is the visionary behind the greater workings of Hillel.  We are so thankful for their guidance and support. 


June 2017

Central Pennsylvania

Alan Glazer '69 -


Wendy Robin Stark '93 -


Sarah Porter Barsky '03 -


Yael Septee Kane, P'21 -

Seth C. Silber, P'22 -

Stacy P. Silber, P'22 -

Morris L. Garten, Esq. '89 -


Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer '93, P'21 -

Metro Chicago

Peter M. Landau '90, P'20 -

Metro New York

Alan Fell, Esq. '70 -

Neil B. Davidowitz, Esq. '78, P'14 (Past Chair) -

Susan C. Moskowitz '92 -

Haylee Zirman '10 -

Metro Philadelphia

Leonard M. Klehr, Esq. '72, P'12 -

Mid-West, Indianapolis

Margo Hamburger Fox '89 (Past Chair) -

New Jersey

Bruce Levin '88 (Chair) -

Rick Snyder '71 -


Cipora Klionsky '07 -

Western Pennsylvania

Cindy Goodman-Leib '86, P'19 (Vice Chair Elect) -

Student Representatives

Hillel President

Julia Bernstein '22 -

Vice President

Nathan Rodney '21 -


Dr. Ralph S. Taber, P'16 -