Nine Reasons to Give to F&M on #GivingTuesday

1. Any gift, no matter the amount, can make a difference. It’s the impact of everyone working together that is so important for F&M. 

2. There are many different ways to give! Your gift can be directly designated to a specific experience or group that shaped your college career.

3. Due to everyone’s previous generosity, we’re fortunate to have a stable base that encourages F&M’s strong focus on innovation and elevation. 

4.  Over half of current F&M students receive financial aid. Their futures are supported by your gifts. 

(They think you’re the best.)  

5. Because giving back to your alma mater will make you feel like this:

 (U.S. Open Championship not included.)

6. Alumni giving participation is an important factor in national college rankings. Help elevate F&M by making a gift. 


7. Not only will giving a gift to support F&M students make you feel great, it may mean one less email or call from us asking for your help! 

(We promise you’ll miss us though.)  

8. Your time at Franklin & Marshall College  left you with some great friends, memories and skills that will last you a lifetime. Give back to the institution that started it all and taught you valuable skills and knowledge.

Including how to multitask. 

9. Hey Ben Franklin! What do you think about this nice person making their gift to F&M?

So there you have it. Make your gift to F&M today!