Inspired by Writers Resist, a nationwide pre-Inaugural reading event hosted on January 15, 2017 by literary organizations around the country, the Writers House hosted its own reading on the themes of justice, freedom, compassion, and resistance. Readers included: Phoebe Ambrosino, Raheem Charles, Meg Day, Kristen Evans, Tamara Goeglein, Le Hinton, Chelsea Reimann, Jeff Steinbrink, Barbara Strasko, Jonathan Teklit, Joanna Underhill, Bendjhi Villiers, Eliot White, and Keyla Ynoa!

The program featured words from artists, thinkers and activists who have championed civil rights across religion, race, gender, class, and nationality, including Langston Hughes, Naomi Shihab Nye, John Milton, James Baldwin, Audre Lord, Allen Ginsberg, Grace Paley, David Rakoff, Zoe Leonard, Adrienne Rich, and more.





Click here to get PDFs of all the readings from our January 27, 2017 event.


"I sing of Olaf glad and big" - e.e. cummings
"Let America be America Again" - Langston Hughes
"Poem About My Rights" - June Jordan
"I Want a Dyke for President" - Zoe Leonard
"a litany for survival" - Audre Lorde

"Coping" - Audre Lorde
"Milton Resists" - John Milton/Tamara Goeglein
"Because of Libraries We Can Say These Things" - Naomi Shihab Nye
"Kindness" -Naomoi Shihab Nye

2009 Inaugeration Speech - President Barack Obama
"What Kind of Times Are These" - Adrienne Rich
"Ain't I A Woman?" - Sojourner Truth
"History Will Decide" - Anne Waldman