ConnectCare3 is a patient healthcare advocate service that employs registered nurses (Nurse Navigators) who are available to provide information, assistance, referral, and support when an eligible employee/retiree or a covered family member needs healthcare services.  Faculty, professional staff, retirees, and dependents enrolled through the College’s Highmark health plan are eligible for  this benefit.   ConnectCare3 services are paid for by the College.


How Do I Contact ConnectCare 3?

Call ConnectCare3 at (877) 223-2350 from 8am-5pm, Monday- Friday. 


A Nurse Navigator Can......

  • Help patients understand their diagnosis and treatment options, allowing patients to make better-informed decisions about their healthcare;
  • Help patients identify participating physicians, specialists, and surgeons, and provide information regarding their rates of success with various procedures;
  • Assist with scheduling appointments;
  • Attend appointments with the patient, at the patient’s request and prepare a summary of
    information and instructions provided by the healthcare provider, in an easy-to-understand
  • Work collaboratively with the patient’s healthcare providers, facilitating positive interactions between patient and doctor;
  • Identify support groups, and find transportation assistance, in-home assistance, and meal delivery services if needed by the patient;
  • Assist patients to navigate the complex healthcare system;
  • Provide assistance through phone consultations.

Watch this video to learn about ConnectCare3 services.

ConnectCare3 does not restrict a patient’s access to healthcare services or dictate which services he/she may receive.  Rather, ConnectCare3 staff provide information and assistance to patients so they can make informed decisions about their own healthcare.



Any health-related information ConnectCare3 collects from a patient, with the patient’s written
consent, is protected by healthcare privacy regulations.   ConnectCare3 does not receive personal health-related information from Franklin & Marshall or Highmark, and does not share personal health information with the College or Highmark.  ConnectCare3 is independent of Highmark Blue Shield and is not owned or managed by Highmark,  however,  Nurse Navigators are familiar with the College’s health plan and will assist patients in understanding their coverage.