Through the Children's Scholarship benefit, eligible full-time College employees may receive scholarships for their dependent children.  Such scholarships help offset tuition fees for undergraduate study at any accredited institution of higher education. The Children’s Scholarship benefit may not be used to pay for room, board, books, or to pay other fees.

Currently, the annual Children's Scholarship award equals 15% of Franklin & Marshall’s tuition (excluding room and board), or the actual cost of tuition at the institution the child is attending, whichever is less.  The Children’s Scholarship is paid directly to the college or university the child is attending to help offset tuition fees. The scholarship is paid on a semester-by-semester basis. 

An employee may not receive a Children's Scholarship during any semester in which the employee's dependent receives Grant-in-Aid or a Tuition Exchange scholarship.

If both parents of a child work at the College and both parents are eligible for education assistance benefits per this policy, both parents may be awarded a Children's Scholarship on behalf of the same child. Both parents should complete the Children’s Scholarship Application each semester and submit it to Human Resources.  Please note, the benefit paid to each employee-parent will not exceed the child’s total tuition fees. Additionally, if the combined benefit paid to both parents exceeds the child’s total tuition fees, the benefit paid to one parent will be considered as taxable income to that parent.

Two faculty members on a shared appointment (two faculty members sharing one full-time faculty position) will be eligible for only one Children's Scholarship per child.


Application Procedures

Once a faculty or staff member's child has been admitted to an accredited institution of higher education, the employee-parent must complete a Children's Scholarship Application each semester and submit the application, along with a copy of the child's tuition invoice, to Human Resources.