A Franklin & Marshall retiree and his/her spouse or same-sex domestic partner is eligible to enroll, if space is available, in courses offered at Franklin & Marshall without charge for tuition.  Retirees of the College are also eligible for education assistance benefits for their dependent children.

College retirees may apply for Grant-in-Aid, a Children's Scholarship, or a Tuition Exchange scholarship for their dependent child(ren). To be eligible to receive benefits:

  1. the child must meet the definition of a "dependent" as described in General Policies & Eligibility , and

  2. the parent-child relationship must have been legally established (or in the case of same-sex domestic partners, have an approved Domestic Partner Form on file with Human Resources) prior to the parent's retirement from Franklin & Marshall and at least five years prior to the commencement of benefits.

Dependent children of a retired College employee will continue to be eligible for Grant-in-Aid, Children's Scholarship benefits, or Tuition Exchange in the event the College retiree dies before the children begin receiving benefits or while the children are receiving benefits. In the event of a College retiree's death, his/her dependent children will be eligible for education assistance benefits until the earliest of: graduation; the receipt of benefits for the equivalent of four years or eight semesters of undergraduate study; or until they no longer meet the definition of a dependent child.