The College offers the following education assistance benefits to spouses / same-sex domestic partners of eligible full-time faculty and professional staff:

  • Grant-in-Aid for part-time, undergraduate study through Franklin & Marshall College, and
  • Grant-in-Aid for full-time, undergraduate study through Franklin & Marshall.


Grant-in-Aid for part-time or full-time study at Franklin & Marshall is available to a full-time employee's spouse or same-sex domestic partner when the employee has been employed by the College on a full-time basis for at least two years (24 months). It is College practice to waive one year of the waiting period for each full year of prior full-time employment in higher education, provided written verification of prior service is given to Human Resources. If the waiting period is satisfied after the start of a semester, the benefit will be provided for the full semester during which the employee becomes eligible for education assistance benefits.

Faculty and professional staff must remain employed in a full-time capacity to remain eligible for Grant-in-Aid for the spouse/same-sex domestic partner. If a terminated employee's spouse/same-sex domestic partner is receiving the Grant-in-Aid benefit, the dependent will be able to continue participation through the end of the semester in which employment termination occurs. Faculty members taking an approved sabbatical or research leave, and employees taking approved Family & Medical Leave, remain eligible for education benefits for their dependents assuming they intend to return to full-time employment with the College.

Benefits provided for a same-sex domestic partner may be taxable to the employee, per federal, state, and local regulations.

Franklin & Marshall Classes / Part-time Students

A full-time employee's spouse or same-sex domestic partner may take Franklin & Marshall classes on a part-time basis, with no tuition fees. This benefit does not apply to independent study courses, tutorial courses, or non-credit courses for which a faculty member is paid on an individual basis. The enrollment of an employee's dependent in a course will not contribute to the minimum number of students normally required to give a course, nor shall the request of a dependent for a course be considered justification for offering it on a paid tutorial basis. Registration fees, lab fees, fees for books and materials, room and board, and other miscellaneous expenses are not paid through this benefit.

Franklin & Marshall Classes / Full-time Students

A full-time employee's spouse or same-sex domestic partner may take Franklin & Marshall classes on a full-time basis, once admitted through the Admission office, with a reduced charge for tuition. The annual Grant-in-Aid benefit currently equals 85% of the College's basic tuition rate (excluding room and board, books, and other fees).  As noted above, benefits provided for a same-sex domestic partner may be taxable to the employee.

Application Procedures

An employee's spouse or same-sex domestic partner must first be admitted to Franklin & Marshall via normal admission policies. The employee must then complete a Grant-in-Aid Application each semester, and return it to Human Resources before the start of the semester. Applications are available through the Human Resources web pages and in the Human Resources office. Failure to complete the application will result in an invoice for tuition being generated. 

A College employee is required to promptly notify Human Resources if his/her spouse or same-sex domestic partner does not complete, for any reason, the semester for which benefits are provided.